19 Qualities of a Great CEO

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In America, you can go to the city hall and register any business for less than $200. You can then call yourself a CEO. You can even get a business card and add the title, “CEO” to your card. But do you know what it takes to be a real CEO, a great CEO? It’s when hundreds of other people call you a CEO. At that point you’ve earned the right for other people to see you as a CEO. So today I get into the qualities of a great CEO.

#1: Know How to Manage Their Ego – 1:12

#2: Have a Touch of Humility – 3:07

#3: Are Extremely Driven – 3:34

#4: Care for Their People – 8:45

#5: Study Human Nature – 11:16

#6: Comfortable Handling Contradictions – 12:46

#7: Think Outside the Box – 15:11

#8: Have a Reputation – 15:45

#9: Great at Asking Questions – 19:00

#10: Want Feedback – 19:31

#11: Always Raising Standards – 19:40#12: Build Strong Alliances – 21:10#13: Speak Different Languages – 22:25

#14: Know Their Weaknesses – 23:31

#15: Know What They Do and Don’t Know – 24:03

#16: Very Decisive – 24:27

#17: Understand Timing 25:06

#18: Very Strong Drivers – 25:23

#19: Very Good at Rallying the Troops – 25:45

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  1. Flattery is the gateway to getting your pockets picked clean. Avoid these people. They appease you out of fear. Appeasement is fear. Be humble. Have humility. You need people who are direct and blunt towards you. Are they correct or not?
    You want the most honesty possible. And honesty isn't nice.
    Principles aren't nice. Be super picky. Discriminate. I do. I had to get rid off all the bad people in my life. All of them including family.
    Every negative , victim narrative , can't get ahead types of people. That's just the beginning.
    Dress , speak and communicate the part. Negotiate on your behalf. Which is to be disagreeable.
    You disagree you'll negotiate.
    Take the right risks, but be responsible for those risks

  2. Very true Patrick, majority of my clients are more than clients now. I have been to their homes and they have been to my home. We invite each other to our family functions and so on, the relationship is completely different and improved both of our businesses.

  3. This are the nice video to listening to, to educate us roperly . Etrovert are the best people to handle certain job like chief excutive officer. To handle this positions People needs tobe outgoing,
    Respectful loving to reach out to customers or their fellow workers.well educated video.

  4. I like the way you talk the proof I listened till the end. There are many youtubers or motivators who are just BS. A rule that I learned from brian tracey, never take an advice fron a theoricien first thing I do is to read the biographie and experience of the person. Cause talk is cheap. Thanks for the great video

  5. Extremely greedy and selfish rich bosses and CEOs only seeks to abuse workes like disposable slaves to do all the dirty & hard work for them, while they take most of the credit and money from the company! The rich bosses robs the poor workers- they do not care if the workers burn out or die earlier from overwork & Karoshi, as long as they get their $$$! Spoiled bosses out of touch with reality their workers face. Very classic "do as I say, not as I do", ordering their workers to earlier deaths with too much hours at work!! Of course, do not think this problem is limited to China as well. This problem is already showcased in countries all over the world. Many WallStreet and IT & entertainment firms nowadays still impose similar abuse in terms of uinpaid overtime and weekend workers, and offshoring to cheaper wages countries with less labor laws:such as in India, Southeast asia, Africa, East Europe …etc. these rich demonic bosses must be stopped! Why do you think the labor unions was justifiably organized in the first place in the industrialized eras in Europe & Americas?! 40 hours work week is the humane limit, if not less. Simply put, working harder does NOT equate to better societies! No matters how many extra hours & effort the workers have put in, the bosses are gonna deny promotions and bonuses to the workers, because of their extreme selfish heartless greed. I know by firsthand real experience, because I was one of the wall street who got laid off, along with many of my fellow co-workers. Those rich idiot greedy swine CEO's & bosses must be taught some lessons in real life! The sad fact is that corporate layoffs and worker abuse still continues every year after 2010.: Me and several ex co-workers were laid off in 2019 Jan ~ March using the 2019 December stock market fall as excuse. And it seems income inequality gaps grows even wider year after year. There needs to be some fixes for this! How about eliminating all those rich fatcats CEO & managers golden parachutes and "too big to fail" mass corporate embezzlement, for starters?!

  6. The CEO'S of America should be ashame of themselves, everyone is broke because in 2019 they the CEO'S keep all of the money and never give any of the employee's a raise. I hate rich people.

  7. I’m 14 years old and just watched you video. My goal since I was little was and still is to become a CEO of a company big or small. I have started going door to door and have got some money from mowing lawns, pulling weeds, baby sitting, dog sitting, cleaning, and dog walking. Your video has helped me get a better understanding of what it takes to become a good CEO. I hope one day people will recognize me. Not as a glorified CEO, but as a humble financial CEO that people enjoy being around.

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