90s Dancehall Best Of Mainstreet Records (Danny Brownie) Juggling Mix By Djeasy


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A Mega Mix of 90s Dancehall from Mainstreet Records.Danny Brownie Production during his time after forming the Mainstreet Label in the 90s before he become Christian in 1998 Featuring Artists such as General Degree ,Buccaneer ,Red Rat,Hawkeye,Goofy,Chico,Lady G,Chrissy d ,Richie stephens and other artist such as Papa San , junior tucker,Lt stitchie,spragga benz and more

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General Degree – Granny Walk & Rock
flourgan – bogle with mi gun
red dragon – wicked in bed
Danny Brownie – The Gum
Junior Tucker – Do You Think I’m Sexy
Joseph Stepper – Gwaany Gwaany
Captian Willy – You Have To Cum
Flourgon – On My Feet Again
Daddy Lizard – Gal Yu Sexy
Major Bones – Girls Pon Me Mind
General Degree – Granny Granny Cry
General Degree – Granny
papa san – Maddy Maddy Cry
Major Bones – work di body
General Degree – That Thing
Buccaneer – Hey Ya Hey Ya
Lady G – Perform
General Degree – Wantie Gettie
Buccaneer Ft Papa San – Gal Wid The Husband
Lt Stitchie – Acid Girl
Mad Cobra – Body Ready
Cutty Ranks – DJs Riding West (Remix)
Red Dragon – Do Bogle Dance
General Degree – Food-A-Rama
Flourgon – High Cost of Living
The Blood Fire Posse – Remember The Time.
Red Dragon – More Gyal
Spragga Benz – Mad House Tek Him
Buccaneer – Vintage Old Bruk
Hawkeye – Miserable
Buccaneer – Punky Brewster
General Degree – Right Fellow
Lady G – One Man Alone
Goofy – Gal dem calling
Hawkeye – No Behaviorr
Red Rat – Shelly Ann Remix
Scandal Riddim
Goofy – Fudgie
Hawkeye – Postman
Lupa – Shirley
Buccaneer – Nowadays Woman
Hawkeye – Gyal Shark
Lady G – My Man
Madd Anju – Freezer
General Degree – Storm
General Degree – Cartoon Character
Hawkeye – How it a go so
Goofy – Brush U Teeth
Richie Stephens – Bus The Place
Red Rat & Goofy – Big Man Little Yute
Lady G & Crissy D – Provide The Wine
Junior Tucker – More Money
Goofy – Somebody Just Poop
Buccaneer – Tek It Easy
Chrissy D – Big Timer
Red Rat – Ah Fi Who Gal
Spragga Benz – She Nuh Ready Yet
Drums & Tuba – Prowling
Slingshot & Mexican – Girls Selector
Hawkeye – Vex If You Waan Vex
Lady G – Breeze Off
Tanya Stephens – Draw Fi Mi Finger
Mr Vegas – Heads High
general degree – traffic blocking
Traffic Blocking (Danny Browne Remix)
Mr Vegas – Heads High (Kill Dem Wid It)
Beenie Man – Let Him Go
Lady Saw – Don’t Even Stress Dat
General Degree – Boom Boom
Red Rat – Wrigley’s
Hawkeye – Arrest Mi Officer
Goofy – I Don’t Give A Damn
Buccaneer – She’s Nobody
Lady G – Man A Bad Man
Red Rat & Goofy – Cruise
Chrissy D – Hot Gal
Angel Doolas – Tight Zum Zum
Captain Barkey – Please Let
Buccaneer – Bruk Out
Mr. Vegas – Frontier
Goofy – Dick
Red Rat – Bruk Mi Ducks
Lady Saw & Red Rat – Woman Sneaking
T.O.K – Whoa
Mr. Vegas – Fly
General Degree – Buss The Door
Goofy & Sanchez – Whining Machine
Beenie Man – No Limit
Spragga Benz – Some Bwoy
Goofy – That Cyaan Happen
Mr. Vegas – Lef Yah Now
Degree – Run Him Like Goat
Lady G – Moschino And Versace
Hawkeye – Damn It
Red Rat – Mix Up Melissa
Lady Saw – Ride Of Yuh Life
Richie Stephens – Don’t Want Nuh Punk
Goofy & Red Rat – Advice
Captain Barkey – Di Count
Frisco Kid – Gal A Malfunction
Hawkeye & Precious – Do Di Wuking
Italee – Brag Pon Mi Man
Crissy D. & Goofy – Hot Stuff
Goofy – Fudgie Part Two
General Degree – People Business
Red Rat – Tink Yuh Hot
Italee – Boyfriend Billy
General Degree – Fun Ting
Goofy – Normal
Lady G – Mi Nuh Manny Manny
Crissy D – Money Money
Red Rat & Goofy – Coom Coom
Buccaneer & Mr. Vegas – Weh Dem Woulda Do
Hawkeye – God Great
Madd Anju – Lie
Swade – Player
Future Trouble – Living It Up
Kid Krazee – Tired
Merciless – Ashes To Ashes
Buccaneer – Badman Story
Beenie Man – Number One
General Degree – Bag A Tings
Mr. Vegas – Jacket
Red Rat – Me Cant Sleep.
Hawkeye – Ku Gal
Lady Saw & TOK – Hardcore Lover
General Degree – Miss Gotty
Tanya Stephens – Freaky Type
Goofy – Di More Di Merrier
T.O.K – Gwaan Gal
Frisco Kid – Fire
Mr vegas – Cant Take My Eyes Off You
Chico – Grudgeful
Ijah Bones – Sweep Out
Goofy – Clinton Defense
Spragga Benz – Peace
Red Rat – Rumors (gypsy)
General Degree – Complain
Hawkeye – Gypsy
Mr. Vegas – Pop Style
Chico – Stamina Body
T.o.k. – Send Dem Come
07 Genius – Good Ole



  1. D.J Easy can you remember when Red Rat was on radio one by in the day promoting his first album OH NO, he mentioned and Chris gold finger played goofy cartoon party written by red rat. .can you dig it out please

  2. Danny brownie is the brother of Steely from (steely and clevie) he and clevie brownie was working doing producing together in the 80s then danny brownie go on his own in 1992 and form the mainstreet records , and trust me he did produced lots of good music from that label, he took artist such as papa san , lt stitchie and junior tucker ,general degree,buccaneer then later in the mid 90s he recuit artist such as red rat, goofy,hawkeye,lady G, Chrissy D,Mad Anju just to name a few,i think also Richard brownie also did some work with him in the late 90s I think the baddis and rumours riddim was done by Richard brownie for mainstreet records ,Richard brownie is danny brownie nephew, I still got cds from the mainstreet crew various artists ,djeasy big up yourself bredda I love what you doing yu a very talented and intelligent Selector

  3. djeasy dem radio station got nothin pon yu bredda ,any lover of 80s and 90s dancehall and reggae a dis ya channel dem need fi listen too that a massive selection big respect to danny brownie where ever him be , mi know him a christian now but him really did prodice some good riddms and songs

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