Alkaline buys house and car and throws shade at Popcaan Masicka Bounty Killer


Another dancehall update.



  1. I argreee wit you brando it is poppy cuz him had car already and him by a range lately and a hype up wit it.yuh neva kno wat.can gwan but alka too lyrical n crafty for poppy.

  2. a man buy what him wants and what makes him happy me personally I own a benz before I owned a house and I still have the 2 so it don't matter what you buy first, fross chat too much dat a wa gwarn.

  3. alka Neva throw shade at no one brando plz make your title more truthful …a Dj frass to dat …the yute a get humble now ino …all he did was post a pic with him new car and house and put the caption "young" ….plz nuh mek nuh more ppl hate the artiste than how them hate him already ….better uh seh Dj frass throw shade not alka …..das y the yute nuh like social media ino ,the title jus make the yute look away star …nuh need no more hater fi the detta boss

  4. Stop this review were positiveness is showing I have to acknowledged it so good look good look good look alkaline it is so funny whenever you're trying to keep Vybz Kartel out of comments what you are making and it cannot happen Vybz Kartel students them got the teaching but they do not learn Vybz Kartel say properties all over Jamaica and they are making alkaline look like is him get the teaching but no he is just a copycat and he is doing it very well bring back some memories Vybz Kartel S-Class Benz on house in Norbrook at the same time and what alkaline just did big up yourself alkaline

  5. and next thing Popcaan you see your management team I am trying to beg you to do don't get caught up in them like Beenie man you see beenie were crying about Patrick Roberts Robin him 250 million Jamaican dollars and you remember at that time he used to have the most high-end vehicle in Jamaica as Entertainer and all now I cannot see a house for Beenie man and I am not saying he don't got one but why he cannot show it is not a wanted man

  6. popcaan bought a Benz and a range this year, with a land. plus a house in cherry Gordon for the entire unruly gang. fuck alka weh a boast bout house and bimma fi Sista wich were a big lie. him can't walk in popcaan league. him abandoned him instagram because popcaan won the mobo over him

  7. Alkaline u too fucking lie, u na buy no house anno Benz, di last time u seh u by house a Sean Kingston house u pose in, a Badmine, just cuz u c popcaan with drop top u come tell lie, popcaan drive in a him car every time so we can c, we na c u in no Benz regular, an we need fi c u in di house regular, fucking Badmine,

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