Alkaline New Rules Full Performance HD (New York 2018)


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  1. Alka look like him a touch back di cream Likkle cause him look light which is a good look cause most a di girls Dem seh Dem love him more wen him brown anyway mi proud a him cause if wi fi talk di truth Noh artist Noh get di fight weh Alka get an still standing da youth ya a di definition fi perseverance he's a good example to follow big up yu Damm self alka a beahhh Gaza shit house Dem vex

  2. #NawTellYuh!! Yes mi a go tell unno. Long line, worth the wait, GREAT SHOW, Club pack to capacity, Alkaline and Jahmiel $hell down #AMAZURA!! We/other have to park many blocks away and walk to the club, rain a little, but we are #LOYALVENDETTAFANS so we do not care, leave Club after 4:30 a.m. have to be at work by 10 a.m….Only ALKALINE AND MVP CAN DO THAT TO US…VENDETTA4LIFE…. He is the Champion Boy!! Roger Dat!! #VANDETTA2DIWORLD!!

  3. mek sure say unuh speak the fact wen unuh conversate me, duty badmind people, the man himself run dancehall, vex all unuh want , unuh caan stop Young lawd him ting loud, unuh ting Lilli, calm dung!!!

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