Alkaline Suave & Mavado All Night

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  1. The simple fact is that Kartel come and raise the bar even higher make all these other songs being put out sounds mediocre …. also the 2nd guy was right , the alkaline song never mixed too well , one bagga noise drowning out some areas in d song … a rush them a rush fi compete man …

  2. Now you listen to the man and as a person weh write you lost in the 1st part of the song smh, i challenge you to 2 just do 2 songs as hot as alkaline lamest songs or just do one hit song that will play on the radio. You is a good lyricsist but will never reach where Alkaline reach inna music cause you wouldnt be vlogging and come wid your fuckary. Thats why unu nuh reach nuh weh.

  3. When last alkaline get a hit song…maybe some people nuh realise or them Naah read dancehall..the game change on alkaline..him need help…Vybz Kartel raise the bar 2 high

  4. Reaal Talk My Yute !!!! Di song a Alkaline have lyrics but nah listen it beka its to bloodclaaat loooooong!!! Me is a Taxi driver an me always listen dancehall So me put Di song inna di list An try listen it but its to much Suave Fi real!!!! Formula an championbwoy di Hits a alkaline

  5. This yute Criticize alkaline for making a 5 min song but then do a review for a 1hour and 30 mins… smh? who really a make a documentary now… the song is called suave look up the meaning… looking up the meaning it is suppose to be lay back and smooth

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