Alkaline Trio-Time To Waste

Alkaline Trio-Time To Waste from videopimp I guess.



  1. Discovered Alkaline Trio through this exact video on Fuse and have been listening to them ever since! Their music has gotten me through some really tough times in life.

  2. mark tom and travis admit that they admire alkaline trio since the first time they see that band on stage. in fact tom wished he could be a great songwriter like matt. you can search the video in yutube "interview blink 182 about alkaline trio"

  3. Lmao, I’m a new fan of these guys and I didn’t come here because of Blink 182. Its really annoying how all these comments are mostly about Blink.

  4. alkaline trio > blink 182
    blink 182 was good when they were young and full of angst but now it's just a bunch of lame old men. alkaline trio however have evolved over the years and still make quality music

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