Attorney Jennifer Messado’s Messy day in court

This one could be the blunder of all blunders, as prominent attorney Jennifer Messado who is facing multiple charges had a messy day in court, which became the talk of news media headlines all over the island of Jamaica. In this video we give a clear understanding of the entire case, charges and what to expect as well as our opinion on the messy events that transpired yesterday. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Do you think Messado planned this and used laxatives, yes or no and why? Also don't forget to look under this video and purchase from our store, the likkle but will tallawah line is out and it's HOT.

  2. She is no better than the so call scamma dem.. at that age and a thief imagine how much people she deceive over the years.. zero tolerance fi her rass. ..then again a Jamaica where justice is limited.

  3. Hey Soulful, just could not help laughing at the messy situation. I would like to add that attorney Lavern George another fraudulent attorney whose trial will be coming up soon in the same court may try to pull off something similar. Most of those lawyers in Jamaica are thieves.

  4. I don't feel sorry for her because you have adult diapers and if she know her stomach a mash up she should've wore some unless she trying to say she senile in that cause they need to put her in a home for the elderly. And she have to sell off everything she own tell all those people she a theft them money is paid back. So no I don't feel sorry for her she's just trying to beat the system and keep her money a wickedness that is

  5. I remeber seeing her on video trying to seize a womans property and smirking as the poor woman was in distress…she did this purposely….she should go to hell…her time to pay the piper…

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