BB21 Week One Eviction & Live Feed Recap (Timestamps)

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Camp Comeback- 2:10, 7:00
HOH Comp-15:45
Are you excited for this week?- 22:05
The Crazy Amount of Birthdays- 28:10
Jessica’s Hot Husband- 38:50
Ovi Has Woken Up- 42:10
Jack’s Other Name- 53:30
You can’t spit on your mustache- 58:00

We’ve got one eviction done! Or was it? Well, it kind of was. But was it? I think. A new twist was unleashed upon the house, and for the next two weeks Camp Comeback is here to stay (along with 16 HGs). Even with the nightmare power, Ovi was evicted on a 12-0 vote and will move upstairs along with the unbanished David. Jack then won HOH and is already having talks of nominating Kemi and Jessica.


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BB21 Week One Eviction & Live Feed Recap (Timestamps)



  1. Let me quickly throw water on the ridiculous theory that Jack is targeting Kemi because he is secretly attracted to her. Nope, he's targeting her because she said negative things about him the first week, period. Women continue to peddle the fantasy that every man who's mean to them is secretly attracted to them, that might stroke your ego but it's totally false. If you fall into the trap that all men's attention towards you, especially very hostile mean behavior, is all based on men having a secret crush on you, LOL, you will live a very miserable life. We've grown a whole generation of oversize egos that mistakenly believes they are the center of the Universe and everyone secretly thinks they're gorgeous…Get your heads out of the sand, it's reality check time, women with that skewed view of themselves make the best targets for predators and abusers. That deranged viewpoint is certainly hilarious coming from Bayleigh, the only woman in BB history whose lack of birth control knowledge managed to get her knocked up in less than 2 weeks in the House by a guy she just met. What a proud legacy, let's seek her relationship advice…;-)

  2. Somebody needs to inform Roxie that Jack Kennedy's legal name was John, LMAO, Jack has been a nickname for John for only about 500 years, but you keep digging up all that damaging dirt on him for daring to call himself Jack, it doesn't look like you're reaching for excuses to hate him at all! 😉

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