BIG UPDATE Vybz Kartel FINAL Case Management File May 20, 2018 Jamaica News


May 20, 2018 Vybz Kartel Final Case Management File set for this Thursday to follow after his Appeal and possibly the high chance of his Freedom.



  1. Whether Kartel did in fact kill anyone, the burden of proof is on the prosecution, and if murder can't be proven without a shadow of doubt, then fucking well an release di man! What I see here and know for a fact is that Kartel was, and in some respects, still is more influential than the church or state, and THAT is what's upsetting the bourgeoisie (upper class) and government, and therefore must be snuffed out at any cost… what I also see here is BLATANT CLASSISM, because there are SO MANY examples of wealthy bourgeois Jamaicans mowing pedestrians down, harassing people, and even murdering people, only to get a slap on the wrist due to their surname, or wealth, or who they're related to and it DISGUSTS me, because the judiciary claims that everyone is equal and under the law, yet that is not the case in reality… If you can't prove di man kill nuhbaddy, den release di man unnu ole hypocrite unnu!

  2. o don't know when Jamaican became the world clowns puppet show with a big bag of goons an coons irradiating there own children with trauma some Satan worshipers or something

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