Bounty Killer Says Aidonia Is A Better DJ Than Vybz Kartel, DMR Onstage Interview Review


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  1. i dont agree with bounty. i suppose with the voice when aidonia need to be agressive he can sound better than kartel. however that same advantage donia has is the same reason why i never became a big fan. he isnt very versatile, whereas, kartel has multiple voices and the creativity to create different sounds. kartel is more dynamic and also lyrically superior. both are about equal with flow. repect to killer but i disagree with his assessment.

  2. Kartel is the phenomenon the original living legend. The man who run dancehall from behind bars for four years going on Five. Can you imagine if he was free he would be a world champion like the BOLT.. FWB

  3. any body diss like this go suck uno dutty maddda till she dead p-ssy a real talk the man a talk real shit uno f ing idiot big up u self bredda u have the intelligence bounty need fi talk the truth , him bad mind vybz kartel and most a uno a falla kmt black people need fi talk the truth and stop falla be a leada not a follower

  4. Yo cv u need to understand some things before you talk. Killa said didi can deejay better. meaning didi have a more natural voice. Example Juju Banton an Terror Fabulous. Terro have a better voice and delivery than buju. even though buju my be lyrical an such. that's just what Kill a was saying

  5. Vybz use other publicity stuns around his music. In reality, people are more drawn to the controversies surrounding him than his actual music. In terms of flow he has that but his vocals are not the best. Aidonia can flow and has better hardcore vocals that match the genre. If you have to create an image to be recognized then obviously you are making up for a lack. Look at the international artistes, both males and females,if they are creating any kind of image. All they do is push good music….songs with content and strong vocals. Diddi above Addi with the completeness that he brings to the genre.

  6. Aidonia is a better lyricist than Vibez but Vibez is a better artist cause he can sing more catchy songs. As someone who record too Aidonia lyrics are harder to come up with dan Vibez. Aidonia was a little before his time

  7. mi ah di biggest GAZA fan pon di planet and Aidonia ah my 2nd fav artist from mi get fi kno him around 2005. Aidonia failed me big time. Man neva live up to him full potential. Kartel goal was always to run dancehall from every angle of the music but Aidonia only ah focus pon 1 section which is badness and Kartel still ah beat him deh suh. Both ah dem lyrically insane and word play ridiculous but Kartel lyrics is more creative and intelligent so dat put him inna separate class from Donia. Donia mek sum ediot like Vado and sum loose man like Alka come get bigga dan him wen ah him fi ah run di ting since Kartel deh ah jail. Why? Because all him care about ah fi tek di badman title from Kartel smh. Dats y Kartel seh him confuse and mi believe it.

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