Breaking News ! Buju Banton FREE Early Release 2018


Breaking News ! Buju Banton FREE Early Release 2018



  1. You guys need to stop all this fucking lies. Buju Banton can't get out early than he is supposed to. Buju is doing feds time which means he has to mandatory do 85% of his time and then he will be eligible to see the parole board. Can I burse some of you guys bubble that don't know, Buju Banton is not guaranteed to to be released at 85% because if he got any tickets meaning if he got in trouble and went to segregation or the hole then he will not be eligible. ( if you are serving 1 year in prison and you go to segregation for 3 months then you are now serving 1 and 3 months, so you would have just gave the system a free 3 months) I work in this very system so what i am telling is the every day happening. Buju Banton is projected to be released at the 85% mainly because he is expected to behave good and don't get into any fights or be punished for any bad behavior. So again we are expecting buju next year but the system can say he will of to serve his entire 10 yrs and if one of the four bodies on the parole board said nay then the overall decision will be nay.

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