Can Shooting Plastic Explosive Really Set Them Off?


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Given that their main and really only purposes is violently exploding, you might be surprised to learn that most explosives utilised by the military are shockingly stable. So much so, in fact, that, contrary to what is often depicted in movies and video games, plastic explosives like C-4 won’t explode if you shoot them or set them on fire. In fact, C-4 won’t even explode if you shoot it while it is currently on fire.

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  1. Apparently the ill effects of eating C4 were used intentionally in 'Nam; soldiers would eat just enough to make themselves too sick to fight, or so they hoped. Some ate too much, and in any event the brass figured it out pretty quickly. You were more likely to be sent out on patrol sick as a dog than anything. And malingering can carry some stiff penalties.

    Not as stiff as getting shot by Charlie, but stiff nonetheless.

  2. Its about pressure…the us troops in vietnam would burn small amounts, rolled into a ball to heat coffee, if the ball was packed too tightly it would explode.

  3. I suddenly have a mental image of Simon refusing the teleprompter when reading off the ingredients to C4. "No worries, gents, don't need it for this part."

  4. Kinda makes me wonder if c4 is so stable why in tv and movies don’t they just remove the blasting caps from c4 to disarm c4 based bombs?

  5. This "myth" only comes about because people assume that once mixed, all plastex is the same. Just because C4 doesn't explode when you shoot it, does not mean that the myth is busted. There's a reason stuff like Tannerite doesn't come pre-mixed.

  6. I put a cigarette out on a block of "Plastit" and also burned some dynamite during my military service.😎 These things are pretty safe! "Plastit" is very similar to c4, but it is not toxic, so no blood in urine 😅 and I'm still here.🤗 This stuff does not taste like anything and it feels like you'd eat a cake made of sand and gum arabic mixed together.😖

  7. Eod guy

    Homemade explosives (potassium chlorate stuff) can be set off by heat, shock, and friction. Just making it and handling it will most likely kill you.

    Also dynamite when exposed to heat… the nitro will liquify and crystallize outside the clay it is put in to stabilize it. In crystal form it is rather unstable.

    Don’t tough things if you don’t know what you are doing :D.

  8. Yeah c4 is really flammable. Ive never set any on fire, but ive made plastic explosive and just replaced the 90% RDX with 90% sugar, because I use the sugar plastic as fire starters.

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