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  1. These maybe Napkins/hand towels , but what is more worrying is that this has been sent around social media on the pretext that's it's a tablet. And this has arisen from the palaver with the plastic rice. We must be mindful and always check our sources. But at the same time it's also a but suspicious it looks like a tablet. On the other hand how clever and space saving.

  2. I didn't really understand what she was saying. Can someone tell me where she got those "pills" from? Or why she was taking it? Why did she think they were pills? Were they labeled as something else? Thanks

  3. People please be informed do not take any medication unless prescribed 🙄 or unless it's known by you doing your research that's what the internet or a conversation with a doctor is for inform yourselves it's not the Chinese fault black people just take shit like wi dum yo

  4. Rappa i just watched this video be careful what ppl send to u to post on ur channel some ppl have no life and nothing better to do than to seek attention. If u notice the video that person hid their face she knew she was telling a lie or she is incompetent to know what it is im in the Army and we use them for sanitary purpose just be careful of what ppl use u to promote there stupidities

  5. Its not a sweetie gal….oh gosh….she ignorant bad. You have to read the label of EVERYTHING before you consume and even then you better know what you're doing.

  6. China a gwan too bad now a some much money them want no to babba a joke this first plastic rice, plastic cabbage, plastic fish now plastic pill hand towel a joke this them want beaten

  7. Who is selling those as sweets?  They are marked TOWEL.  I have bought those in London almost 20 years.  They are round and hard and only expand under the tap, they become  like a wash cloth and stay in that form.

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