Christopher Martin – Magic | Official Music Video

Christopher Martin – Magic | Official Music Video

Directed by RD Studios | Jamaica

Creative Direction by RD Studios | Jamaica

Record Label: VP Records

Christopher Martin’s “Magic” is featured on the singers long awaited debut album “BIG DEAL”. Out now!

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  1. Well from wah me see the magic wasn't strong enough that she bust gun pon you cause she fear for she life,now if ya magic was strong,she wouldda defend you no matter wah,not up fi debate star

  2. The end of the video is too sad with the young lady killing the guy by her man's instruction. It is biased only the guy suffers the consequence! Chris should've set up the video with the woman losing everything after her man finds out she is sleeping with the yard boy, which result in both of them being homeless and she is in remorse for what she has done, and wish she could restore her prior luxury life but unfortunately he will never forgive her!

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