Dancehall artist Masicka live on fox5 (Full break down)

Masicka has not looked back since his cosign from Vybz Kartel aka Worl Boss. In this recent interview on Good Morning New York on Fox which is prime time USA tv he shined bright like the star he is and in this video we summarize the interview and salute the artist. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. A lot of people try to downplay the intelligence of Vybz Kartel, but we cannot take away from him that he has a eye for real talent that can go the distance, and also that if he cosigns it then it is going to go Gold. He publicly gave Masicka his approval and suddenly Masicka's hard work paid off, He said LOODIE for Shenseea and she stays flying and performing world wide right now. Big up Masicka and big up Vybz Kartel.

  2. ??? I must say, even though I'm Jamaican, about two days ago was the first time I heard about this guy, from my boyfriend's sister who is Spanish ??? his interview was EXTREMELY professional ?????????

  3. This is a good look for Dancehall music, I was very impressed with the young man. I also think there a misunderstanding with the question about dancehall worldwide compared to Jamaican dancehall.

  4. Great interview. But, the timing is questionable. Why would they interview a Jamaican artist by the name of "Massacre" right before the Caribbean day parade. An day that is tainted with high crime and violence amongst the west indies community.

  5. Yow SouFLoTV he seems more intelligent than Beenie Man by 10 miles. He knows how to conduct himself without being cocky and self centred. He even welcomed them to Jamaica. It's a good look. He is more humble than Alkaline too. Alkaline seems very cocky and egotistical too.

  6. It was a great look for Jamaica ?? he make us proud and grateful for a chance to show a different side of our music. That was Real positive energy and he never speaks bad about Jamaica ?? .

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