Dancehall Artists Gets Into BIG Fíght Again Knock Out….Popcaan Projects..Jada Kingdom Speaks!


Popular Dancehall Artist Gets Into a FlGHT +MORE
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  1. Dancehall in the toilet. Nothing but negativity and hype from no talented so called artists. Nothing but auto tunes and a bag ah foolishness. Notting but likkle pickney bout Dem ah artists ah mash up di ting… KMT!

  2. Poor Jamaicans. Ever see a dumb boasting ghetto person get fame or rich and they act out like den no custom to nothing. A so the little entertainment hype the USA have in Ja got the Gardiner den will sellout dem whole a family to get fame. If den no get it. Den fade to nothing!!!!!

  3. You can not please Jamaica people so just do you. When you are talking the true they don't want to hear it. If u are talking about how you want to beat yanique you see everyone come on your side let Dem suck out u batty. That y dear it no love in Jamaica as u say they love the mix up ting if u don't mix up them not with you

  4. Advice to jada….just spit out lyrics hit the studio then the charts non stop…create great works….albums let your music prove your talent…make no more of these videos….perfect you craft…don't become a social media puppet….do music…

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