Did Gage Lose His Career Idolizing Vybz Kartel?


Bounty is the legendary dancehall figure that is well respected in the genre of dancehall music, he also goes by the names Bounty Killer, War Lord, and Poor People Governor. In a recent interview on Nightly Fix a popular Jamaican radio /tv/internet entertainment show on Youtube Bounty talked about the young dancehall artist GAGE loosing his career by putting out a song called DUNG INA TROAT. In this video we ask the question, was Bounty correct? Also paying homage to Vybz Kartel. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. I think he should of been his own person and I respect you looking up to Addi but to Each his own and you have to be different to have your own space in Dancehall, his career is not over but it’s stalled he just needs to find back what made him a star in the first place

  2. i think gage had to do that song to buss, his career is not lost in nobody throat, i honestly think people used to listen to gage to turn up and get lit. not to hear some sad song, him lyrics shot now with the songs, but im just saying nobody's checking for gage in that type of songs. we all need him back in the club bangers, litt songs

  3. Gage f*** dis one up,I can handle ADULT music but dat "Throat" song was distasteful.Then he dissed Chronixx which wasn't the best move neither…however if he revamps the right way then he'll be alright,and stop dammit idolizing and mimicking other Men

  4. It nu matter wah wasteman bounty ah seh still Gage a talented yute . REAL talent cyaa suppress so easy and we all know bounty ah badmind pussy like 90% ah di industry , same way suh him did hate pon Uncle demon and see it deh nuff said.

  5. The teacher explore the topic and make all the Lady and most mid age woman in Jamaican who does strip dancing feeling comfortable . Gage engage a market that he Cannot maintain at ALL .. He reacted slowly to the momentum of that song so that song was left in wilderness

  6. Bro I respect wat u do must say but I see u ah try style bounty for Wat he has to say we don't have to agree with killa but he is the general to me wat he said has more substance if u respect ur kids n want them to hav good morals for their generation I don't think he is dissing him or the others he comments on jus constructive criticism

  7. Gage tragedy is not.bcas of..his song."Dwn inna U throat Gal"
    Gage and His Management is in a conflict …root cause
    Aside SEX sells
    Jamaicans are Closet Sex Freaks Deep Cover Professionals at Eating. Sucking, Blowing. Dwn inna your throat and up inna you ass as well! But all Jamaicans are Living in the 52 State… Which State is this??
    State of Denial
    this is 2017 not 1917

  8. Souflo mi probably late but last night me see pon YouTube di boy full black boss inna batty man ketchup wid a chi chi mon name Lil Kev all voice note a drop…a wah a gwane a yard sah ?

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