Don mafia and labba missing after Beenie man tell all video??

Labba Labba was first reported missing by people in his neighborhood and now Don Mafia, once a close friend and ghost writer to some of the doctors biggest hits has also gone missing from public view following talking to the public in a tell all effort against the artist. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Even if Beeni Man is not the best of person, BUT, I believe a set of people is out to get him in prison. Had the police or family report them missing? No, so why all these speculations? Those against Beeni will kill or destroy these two men, then letting it be as Beeni is behind it.

  2. I went to a show at Madison Square Garden years ago with Buju, Beres, Morgan Heritage & others including Bernie man. I'm not a big fan of Bernie, so I decide to leave, to my surprise half the crowd of people at the show was walki g out, I didn't know why then, but now I know. He's been dislike from a long time.

  3. NO GOOD will come to those who rob, steal, cheat to climb to the top. Your soul will never rest: you will always be in hell. Do good and good will return on you and generations to come. Amen!

  4. It’s only smart for these guys to lay low. If Beenie is such a smooth killer he wouldn’t kill them now when the story is hit… also the people who say that they haven’t seen labba labba, do they have his phone number?

  5. Wow i really hope this is not true because if it is and they end up found dead then Bennie will end up in prison no not another big dancehall artist especially him being one of the trail blazers fuck us fans can't take another artist killing or getting killed or going to prison

  6. SouFlo TV you didn’t cover all angles. Considering Beenie’s Legendary status and man at the top, people under him might be motivated to say things about him to tarnish his image and career and bottom line because there is an element of jealousy and wishing for publicity using Beenies name and sympathy from the public to build a career. If Don Mafia is owed money as he claims, why make a video instead of going down the legal route and prove his case? What standard are we using to acsertain the man is telling the truth? The bias against Beenie is too much. There has been no evidence presented to collaborate the allegations by Don Mafia. There are two sides to every story and without Beenie Man’s story there is a bias. No court of law reaches a guilty verdict based on one side of the story and the problem is that people have already made a judgement based on one side of the story. As people with platforms it helps to be objective and be more critical rather than unconsciously tarnishing people’s reputations.

  7. This is nothing but horsewash and some way fi try bring down Beenie Man. Do you idiot know from when Beenie Man a dee Jah? From mi a likkle pickney Beenie Man a dee Jay inna school yard! Mi witness first hand BEENIE MAN, dee jaying in his school yard at lunch time. Many students, including me witness the the man great talent before he even become big dee jay. Over 30 fcking years…. BEENIE MAN a DEE JAY. Get the fck out of here, bout a people write songs for Beenie Man. People who a try mek it seems that BEENIE MAN nuh write him own songs dem are idiots. Even if him mixed ideas with other persons and do a couple songs, that's fcking nothing. You fools trying to come try bring the man down with unuh bullshit. From mid 1980's Beenie Man a dee Jay, from school days and everyone jumping up and down inna school yard when him did a drop him lyrics during lunch time.

    Do the PRESIDENT OF US write them own speeches???? GET THE FCK OUTTA HERE whore.

  8. But wot would Beenie benefit from killing Labba or Gringo after those videos that's a dumb way of implicating himself of bogle death we all know Bogle had so many enermies on interviews he would slam other dance moves when he was abroad so maybe one of them pull a clip Beenie had real rivals to his career like Bounty and Capleton and they are all alive wtf??? and Gringo should talk with Partrick Roberts about his songwriting money not Beenie coz they were under Shocking vibes unless if he was just doing a handshake contract

  9. Don Mafia released that voice note long time.Him even make a tune and put the voice note in boy can't diss Don Mafia as long as me alive and have me money.Moses you and you FRIEND them can't kill my Bredda.

  10. Black people are good at destroy each other that's why we always at the bottom you Brothers sound worse than women gossiping the man can't be innocent who knows you people need to look in the mirror ?

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