Dovey Magnum – Bawl Out (Raw) (Official Video)




  1. Hey the others ARTIST who is a Christian such as name chozenn that sing off your songs ,there is nothing wrong with his songs,I like the both you an him songs….but the song his different between chozenn an you dovey magnum…chozenn songs his about our almighty God and his son jesus an I don't seen anything wrong with his songs…we all jamaican known this as all artists we also sing on the same rhythm sound an I don't see any problems with no artists sing on the same rhythm sounds…so I agree with chozenn song can go on an can also played anywhere even in dancehall party so people in party can look in themselves realize god almighty in heaven an his son jesus…but by your song dovey magnum is a private bedroom song or it's sexuality songs…. So big up the two of you both chozenn and dovey magnum.. Am not judging non of you both but remember god his the only once to judge. Live life an move on…one love ,one unity and one human races…. My advice to all jamaican who is Christian or non-Christian please stop ✋ throw words or stone or judging these 2 artists,because you will never know ways you will go " heaven or hell "….

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