Equal Rights, Sheet, Fresh Cash, Savage Life or She Nah Leggo for #10 Spot? | Top 10 Songs

Who got a spot on our list of top 10 songs of the year? Our panel decides who’s #10!

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  1. I would say it’s deserves the top 10, seeing it’s impact and how it broke certain boundaries in the Space. Shout out to skatta for writing that song (I guess ?) and I hope Atlantic records and ed sheeran got a Royalty cheque for using their beats.

    Off topic for a second. Walk and talk, we know you just get visa bredda, we know you just started travelling and you’re not use to the finer things in life, but you don’t have to make it so obvious bruv, its embarrassing and unbecoming. A visa is a dime a dozen bruv, you’re not special smh ??‍♂️. Big up all the other participants same way.

  2. Jah know dawg…mi a wait pon an intellectual discussion…but a bagga long tongue back and forth ting and mi nuh deh pon dat…even though Sparta a mi artist…Lanz had the most creative and memorable song of those mentioned for the 10th spot

  3. I do not lik ishwana song equal rite but it jus play at most party only yesterday it play in the club some people dance to it n we ignore it but it jus play

  4. Nightly Shit nuh a some big pussy hold because mavado never give nuh a interview that is why nuh a style the man make me tell nuh this Mavado have the must successful year as a dancehall artists Mavado make the must stage shows all over the world as a dancehall artists buy yet still you duty Jamaicans pussy sucker want to style the man a joke this fucking fools

  5. Nicki z is always pushing her female agenda… listen Nikki z this is not the USA We don’t oppress women… if women are good enough their talent will shine through
    Spice and Shenseea readily come to mind…. so please stop pushing your bogus feminist agenda.
    We buy music that we like…irrespective of the artistes gender

  6. Ishawna should be in the top 5 she I live in the US and that song is big over here no dance hall artist can have a interview and her name not call u people r just haters

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