Foota Hype Prays Vybz Kartel Wins APPEAL + Warns Jamaican Citizenship Holders Donald Trump Revoking


Foota Hype Prays Vybz Kartel Wins APPEAL + Warns Jamaican Citizenship Holders Dinald Trump Revoking



  1. President Donald Trump cannot Deport no citizen unless they threatened him are commit terrorist Act and furthermore they have to revoke your citizenship to a green card before you can get Deport and when you have a good immigration lawyer it is very hard to do because everything have to go through Congress and they have to vote and it Far it to become a law of American land

  2. How does one fall back & depend on a next man's money to support him. The truth is each adult is responsible for themselves. Guh look a werk or go be an entrepreneur & refrain from watching a a next man's pocket.

  3. Don’t matter if a citizen commit a crime or felony once you never lied on the application form your not a terrorist not part of any terrorist group dem can’t touch u citizenship that’s it any body else a talk anything else fuckery u a talk go back a Jamaica then since a so u feel why him come here

  4. So wat the f€€k if i ave to go back to jamaica wat is citizenship jus a little privilege an save u from the harassment from them at the airport that's all we all pay taxes u no wat mayb i would be better off if i was force back home.

  5. Foota hype sometime just chat one big bag of FUCKRY / garbage… I really don't know why foota hype don't stop misleading the people them …. is it because he don't have a Blue Book…. people listen up ……mmigration cannot or will not revoke anyone citizenship if your paperwork was PROCESS FULLY , you did not LIE about your CRIMINAL BACKGROUND ….. you did not leave out anything OUT ON YOUR APPLICATION AND was 100% HONEST TO IMMIGRATION ….THEN YOU DON'T HAVE A DAMN THING TO WORRY ABOUT …… the people that did their citizenship and was not honest to immigration or did not PROVIDE their criminal records these are the PEOPLE that are going to get their citizenship revoked because in the first place they shouldn't be citizens technically they are not citizens… ..

  6. Dude they can’t take away your citizenship like that. Trump couldn’t even get that little law passed On banning The countries he had put on his no fly list. The courts block that. He have to change the law on separating kids from parents. A few days ago. The power of people will Take him out of office. before her put America and Americans in to the shit house. U talk a little too much boy.

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