Future Fambo Ft. Sean Paul, Beenie Man & Demarco – Bloodclaute Song [Lyrics 2015]


Dis Is Beenie Man, Yeah
And Dis Is Di Baddess Bloodclaat Remix [Mad Rass]
Sean Paul And Future Fambo [Bun Up!]

Chorus [Fambo]
Tell A Bwoy Dis A Di Bloodclaat Song
Bwoy Dis We Dem Bloodclaat Wrong
Mi Will Tek Weh U Bloodclaat Gyal
An Tek Off Har Bloodclaat Thong
Jamaica Weh Mi Bloodclaat From
Mi No Roll , Without My Gang
Bwoy Diss No Question
Should A Never Diss Di Real Bad Man

[Sean Paul]
When We Are Roll Inna Bloodclaat Van!
With Di Bloodclaat Gal Dem And The Bloodclaat Gang!
Disrespect You Woulda Bloodclaat Run!
Cau Future Fambo Dem a Bloodclaat Don!
Tun Up The Sound Pon Bloodclaat Song!
Cau You Done Know Say Dis Is Di Remix One!
Tun Up The Vibe , We Nuh Fraid A No One!
Cau You Done Know, We Got A Lot Bloodclaat Gun

The Remix Bloodclaute Mad
Bus Mi Own a Gun Suh mi bloodclaute bad
Tell a bwoy put the money in a the bloodclaute bag
Or every rass store get bloodclaute tag
Fambo, da tune yah lock the dancehall
Beenie, Sugar don’t Marco, Sean paul?
Rise up the rifle dem weh tall, tall
Fi mi name dem gyal nuh stop bloodclaute call


[Beenie Man]
Fambo a weh the bloodclaute this?
This a the bloodclaute song remix
A couldn’t me some pu**y waan dis
Me, Papa buss it, badman nuh itch
Tek weh yo money and yo bloodclaute bi**h
We know seh dem a bloodclaute witch
Feds hold dem and dem bloodclaute witch
Then dem find yo body in a bloodclaute ditch

Man a Top Shotta Man a Real Hot Stepper
Disrespect Shot Bun Like Pepper
Gyal Dem Know Wi a Di Real Home Wrecker
Wi No Tek Talk , Wi Ah Mek Corpse
Anywhere Wi Go A Bere Bad Bwoy Walk
Glock Pon Mi Hip, Split Pon Mi Lip
Tell a Bwoy Don’t Violate and Trip
You Inna Gym You Gyal A Si Di Pon Mi Dick


Tell A Bwoy Thiis A Di Bloodclaat Song
Bwoy Diss We Dem Bloodclaat Wrong – Wrong – Wrong – Wrong…
Jamaica A Weh Mi Bloodclaat – From – From – From…
Should A Never Diss Real Bad Man – Bad Man – Bad Man…

The official dancehall Remix of the first Single “Bloodclaute Song”
Off Dancehall Superstar Future Fambo’s Debut Album “EVOLVE – THE UPRISE”
Blaze Entertainment Records Presents
Song: Bloodclaute Song
Artist: Future Fambo x Sean Paul x Beenie Man x Demarco
Prod By: Stylez/Magnedo7
Mixed & Masted By: JayCrazy
Album: Evolve – The Uprise
Year: 2015
Label: Blaze Ent Records
Distributed By: Blaze Ent Distribution

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