Go Feed Your Cats! (Goodstream #045)


What an entertaining week!

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  1. That lady is nuts… she never even gets to any point, just ranting nonsense. She sounds like a classic narcissist. Has to tell everyone how intelligent and superior they are to everyone, with nothing to back it up.

  2. So, nobody won the free book?
    As for the cat lady, I just feel you're too closed minded to grasp how completely wrong you are. Her unique genius was self evident and you're a horrible human being for having fewer years of gardening experience. If you knew how to show proper respect to your botanical superiors you'd be canceling your livestreams and deleting your whole library of videos in her honor… except maybe for one video giving her credit… lest the nothingness be misconstrued as an affront to her awesomeness.

  3. Missed another one. UGH! DTG you are a machine! I don't know how you get it all done. I can't even make half of these chats. You must get no sleep?………or some sort of time warp down in the tropics?? 🙂

  4. I'm so bummed I missed the live stream!!! I was enjoying my birthday at the beach! Congrats on getting the book finished!!! I look forward to the next Goodstream!

  5. Occasionally I get sucked into being negative because the world is negative because we're trained to be that way because of the news channels, and other people selling stuff. I just remind myself whatever is goodoh, whatever is just, whatever is praiseworthy…. Think on such things. Hopefully this comment make sense. Love you guys in Christ, and SO dependent on grace and mercy. You have reminded me why I need to go back in the fellowship but, as I have gotten more negative lately. I think I'll check out the OPC down the street for worship and fellowship. It has beenabout thirty-six years since I first saw Christ loved through the folks in the OPC

  6. Drag a copy of that stock photo for the little red fruit small tree thing into Google images search bar so Google can search for that image somewhere else

  7. Maybe you can make a check ball at the end of a pipe that drains from the drainage ditch into your swell, so that the water gets shut off when the swell fills up not a lot more than a large pipe with an expansion Bell and some pipe to match. Or maybe you can make it float and lift the pipe so the water stops running. That sounds more robust anyway

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