Government Cut Vybz Kartel Power



  1. I truly n honestly believe that everything happen for a reason, SO RIGHT NOW IS KING KARTEL TRUE N REAL FRIGGEN TIME, YES RIGHT DAM NOW…SO WHEN HE'S RELEASED THIS WILL BE HIS BEST TIME EVER… KARTEL WILL BE OR IS ALREADY BIGGER THAN BOB, yea….free my friggen husband DanceHall want n need him right NOW

  2. accomplish wah currupt black people pickeny currupt the little girls by teach dem too be lose
    an young men too terrorise there community an bring about lawlessness in soecity the man was makeing d place
    dark in the name of fame

  3. How can the government cut Vybz Kartel power? If you state that there was unfulfilled potential then yes, but he has not had any power cut, he just has different power than before and can utilise this is a different way on release assuming this is in the next ten years.

  4. Vybz rum.. would make it to the entire world and it would be a brand in ja.. Jamaicans would get a job and things would be fast moving..but the government don't want ppl to make a living and blame crime on teacher smh

  5. Breda teacher's pet was one of the main reason they cut his power so fast, other high power mind overseas didn't like the massive move like teachers pet from a little black man, the owner or greater share holder for those movements can't be a little black man, they stole his power for many reasons, his knowledge was too huge above bigger heads.

  6. boy them hate d man real bad, through him Eva a wise up ghetto youth . them Fi cut the fuckry and leggo the man , mi deejay a one a di greatest man that God has created he the chosen one and God ago deliver him watch and see, member I did write this comment s,. Gaza 4 more

  7. Look here ppl. Yuh si, di problem with us Jamaicans is that once we have a deep linking fi a person, nuh matta wat, nothing dat person duh dat is wrong, will eva be noted as wrong or bad. plus fi him type a lyrics only resonate inna some ppl mind.

  8. I mean he there but at least his music career mek him a eat and his family not feeling for anything, and listen freedom is a must for the teacher so u and it haters don't b surprise when the verdict say free.

  9. But back big and better than before howlong the dirty government can keep a good man down he stand taller than before he have the protencial and the ability and the intelligence to big better on christ the solid rock you ddijah palmer stand all other ground a sinking sand stay blessing freedom is a must you won that appeals it a over turn and i declare you shall set free the government them fret because they are defeated blessing

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