Is Mavado Són A BAIT?! | Vybz Kartel Is UPSÉT Because…


Is Mavado Són A BAIT?! | Vybz Kartel Is UPSÉT Because…



  1. Nigga me boss don’t give a fuck bout mavado & him family problems. Dawg unuh fi stop mek di boss look like a clown. Fuck do unuh. Man all a see Instagram foolish post dem. The man deh behind bars how him fi keep up with social media. The man have different thing fi worry bout. Fucking fools.

  2. OMG!
    Another vlogger?! Tell me something noh baddi a Jamaica noh work again. Di man dem either a scam or vlog. KMT…
    Anyways, which sane oman agoh sidung an wait pon a man serving life sentence… FOH!!!

  3. Kartel a my artist but him fi member say shorty did deh a road when him a fuck hundred gal. So now him get lock up and if she fuck a one man him left r.. Man just fuck up in everyway

  4. Not much bait…. as Mavado his own father still a hide. And please I dont want to hear "he has commmittments" blah blah. Thats your son you drop what you a do and defend him. This makes me think Mavado believes his son did it!! Hmmm we wait how this develops!
    As for Vybz Kartel, he and shorty are not the first couple to break up and wont be the last. I doubt she is getting conjugal visits anyway so probably thought frig it I'll do my ting ?

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