Ishawna Expose Lincoln 3Dot | Says She Didn't Sleep With Him

Lincoln 3dot did a song saying how he slept with Ishawna which got the female artiste angry and led to her exposing him on instagram



  1. im a tell lie pon pum pum… all pum pum, Six god seh NO LIE, NO LIE, NO LIE-EYE-EYE yuh nuh see seh a waste germs dat a look a hype, A FOOTA HYPE, well im nah guh get non from mi cuz if im coulda tell lie pon pum pum im woulda kill wone fi it too, im nuh trust worty im sell yuh out for pussy and more. den aftawaad im a come gwaan like im wone gyalist wen im jus tell lie pon di pussy, afta im nuh BRIGHT & OUTADDA.
    #Mi addi Six Laawd, Jehann Carter

  2. A suh mi kno som of uno a real born fool enuh!! Uno really never kno seh 3dot storytime a baay lies yo?.. So much duppy. batt in the world .. Brain dead mthfckrs 👻👻👻💀☠️

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