Jamaica Prime Minister says he hates Dancehall Music

A prime minister of Jamaica once is always a Prime Minister of Jamaica, especially if you are the icon known as Edward Seaga, founding leader of the JLP, which holds power today in Jamaica and is led by Andrew Holness. In this video we talk about Vybz Kartel, dancehall music and the dynamics concerning Jamaican society. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. RACISM do exist in Jamaica mi bredda, RACISM gave birth to CLASSISM mi family…It's just that most white people fly out but some are still around. The East Indians and Chinese always practices this for the most part….I agree the CLASSISM is much more obvious that it's mother RACISM…Blessed

  2. Honorably Mr Seaga is a root cause to the type of dance hall him no like. He fuel the political war n drug trade that lead to violence n degenerative of already poor communities. In turn those communities create the fully dunces that we see manifest in dance hall from the 90s upward

  3. Stop speak of someone culture which you knew nothing about , hear sey cant go court , most of what you talk about us is what u hear , experience teacheth ???. What experience you have about Jamaica ?

  4. We all know that a lot of good dance hall songs out there but they always choose d bad one's to debate on just like some of our selectors play's d bad one's because some people react more to dem but good still there for us to listen

  5. I have heard of Sly Mongoose but only because my dad used to work for a radio station. Apart from that, I have no clue about the song. The way I see it, there is a time and place for different styles of music especially Dancehall Music. There are Jazz clubs were the Ska Artists still share their gifts. Yes times have changed but the Artist who is able to maintain their originality while incorporating the past and the present will be the one who perseveres. That man just seems to be stuck in his generation and the only way to get around people like that is to prove them wrong politely. Two out of the many Artists I applaud are Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel because they show how creative they are time and time again.

  6. Him old he is entitled to give his opinion old people dont have to be politically correct me nuh expect fi hear elephant man a play in a he cd player Im not shocked the average old person dont like dancehall music

  7. SouFLoTV, bless up. Why is your rubric not saying ""former Prime Minister"" instead of ""Jamaican Prime Minister…"" ?????? We looking at past and present tense. A Prime Minister is not always a Prime Minister, it is either you are Past, or, Present. Constructive observation. One Perfect Love.

  8. This is just a different generation bro, that's all it is everything is in the public these days so dancehall will always change with the generation just like rap music it is not rocket science, people are just making it seems difficult. Not everyone will like dancehall today because as most of you said in the comments "you are old school " and nothing is wrong with that because i love old school music as well.

  9. 90% of dancehall is fuckery these days. In the 2000s 50% of riddims were fuckery with only a few hits. '80s/90s is when the golden age was. Slackness was one thing but people were aware of it in relation to wider 'conscious'/intelligent lyrics. Nowadays it's bare bleached out zombie dunces running the scene. Battyfish gangsters who turn road clout into musical clout. 80s was the 'political' soundsystem culture.

  10. Dance hall image has a problem. Right now me believe that them preach too much violence. The media does not want to recognize the link between the violence and dancehall music, Reggae is something different. Because of the money that is involved. TV. Radio. video games. the news. Them use a lot of fighting words. One criminal reggae artist exclaimed. What would you say if you awake one morning and saw A big gun m16 nozzle at your jaw. You feel like you want to move, but you can't. Boy no move else you dead. This store is quite disturbing and it the reality today In Jamaica. That kind of drama and the people who sing these poems are often involved in serious crimes. Dance hall is a venue to show case crime. Right now. not even a boat ride because all of the a BADMAN. One last song say. their is a land far away across the Sea and her lyric went on to describe paradise. You all went from being mellow. one drop rhythm. smoking a splif music. to Kill and collect. Smoke and forget. I do not believe anything about the ghetto, the civil war right now in Jamaica is about a kind of wealth distribution. A kind of wicked redistribution where you work and them collect. The music is very intimidating and reinforce the bad man image and downgrade women. Fuck Dancehall. Too many wolves in sheep clothing. Dancehall is a gunman thing.

  11. Edward seaga was the owner of dynamics sound. He was making a lot of money from dancehall music …listen mr seaga the music evolved and this is where it is today

  12. Souflo truth is truth stop sugar coat the thing. 90% of Dancehall music nowadays is all garbage, no positive energy, Jah bless the few artistes who are keeping our reggae culture alive and they are not been recognized in our little island.
    All you hear from them is gun and violence, what are they teaching the kids? Music is a great influential tool, need gimmicks yes but we need more positive energy from them. We are too creative to be pushing so much negativity in dancehall. I read the article which seaga was talking about I don’t fully agree with all what he said but if the artistes were been more on the positive side he wouldn’t even been talking about slide mangoose

  13. It's sad to see how easy we can sweep and erase the best part of the culture, our musical history. We're so quick though to become enraged and angry, when another race of people adapt our musical culture, history and go out in the world and profit from it. Young artist of today don't know or listen to most of the rich catalog of music from artist from the 70's going back to the 40's. There are musician and artist on the African continent, Europe, Asia, that have never been heard of in America or the Caribbean. Those artist have fans in the millions and perform in venues that hold over 50 thousand people. 100's of festival all over the world. they make millions in an industry that's worth billions of dollar. And the only significant artists from dancehall, who is making an effort to tap into that fan base is Demarco. Most of the young reggae artist and the foundation artist like Burning spear, Third World, go to these festivals and venues as opening acts for these mega star. And those artist are performing from those old catalogs of music and adding their original songs pattern after those old songs. You can keep watching America and try get acceptance, but they have less than 400 million in population and only less than 1% listen to reggae or dancehall. Compare to Africa who's population is in the billions and more than 30% of the population listen to and love reggae. And most of all they buy physical copy of the music in vinyl and Cd. Maybe you could do your research and enlighten yourself and young artist, who want to be in the real music business of reggae and dancehall.

  14. Dancehall took reggea into the big time. Before King yellow man no one was really earning big money. Since then we can see dancehall artists living multi millionaire life styles and feeding the communities they come from. Saga sided with the USA in destroying Jamaica and bringing guns into Jamaica and Jamaican politics to destroy Michael manley and his connection to fidel castro. In Jamaica we have racism conectected to colourism and Classism which looks down on anything that represents black, and dancehall comes from black people mainly poor living in the ghetto who have used it as a way out.

    Anyone remember { Look}} by bounty killer the likes of seaga will not like that music because it tells the truth that the shirts and ties want to hide.

  15. He is not suppose to like it . It is about on point reason if he did it’s on its way out the more older people don’t like a music the longer it will be popular and remember he is the one that promoted things like ska and soca to be whatnit is in Jamaica . He is not going to like seeing what he threw his weight behind go out of style so on point.

  16. Wull a dem a bbcl Sell out n traitor to black ppl n more so Edward seaga wi Kno him he's a white n help fk up Jamaica Suh how him n his friends a come chat when help degrade Jamaica to it's knees…….. Sou Flo all a Dem a traitor


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