Jamaican Church Deacon Devil In Disguise

Mac Miller passed at 26 years old and we also visit a story out of Jamaica about a church Deacon who went way off course , while we talk about the laws in Jamaica, Vybz Kartel’s sentence, and many more things worth hearing. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Didn’t get the notification for this one ?‍♀️ yes I too thought that if my daughter moved out and I haven’t spoken to her in so many months!!! Something is not quite right eh!!!!

  2. Yea soflo don't figet di bwoy wid di girl ina topalin he got bail n run weh smh no jail time ,, di pastor/police that shot the 8month pregnant girl dwn town she died n he beat the case check it out

  3. that's why mi don't deal with Christianity , because the same people put we through slavery turn around and gave us Christianity,and we black people Tek it and run with it

  4. Good morning hon She was living home because she was depressed she also has a brother who is still home who is older they are not well I kn n know these people a long time u was in Jamaica when this happend. It's a very sad story.

  5. I would believe she do an that's one reason I keep on my children I talk an keep talking they don't like it at times at lent I don't hear them the moment I do I pick up right where I left off – don't care no shame… Awww true never know what been going through at home when you think how she end up with that evil ass an so comfortable with all his pass… More to this you hear brather I'm just in wonderland …

  6. A lot of people wear a mask of the Good Samaritan , This is a cheap forgery ,They buy the law with money , Police and corrupt government , It is clear that those who pay the price are innocent and poor citizens ?

  7. Souflo…She is not a "little Pinckney". She is a 25 year old grown ass woman !!! So stop using words loosely !!

    The father is now is a deep state of grief. Why are you now adding insult to injury for him to feel worse ??? Keep out of what don't concern you !!!

  8. At 25 you are a grown person soulflo what you mean hes not seeing his jesus why should the dad feel obligated,he grow her already if am a pastor and living my Christian life and you not obey my rules you got to go,I been there before kids of today dont want to listen ..as you say no one knows what happen ..these little girls now a days dnt listen a bet there is so much to this story..see the dad say she dnt answer his call

  9. The churches are a failure…that’s why I stop going church years ago…it’s really depressing to see so many churches in the communities and no changes in the communities…the churches stay silent on a lot of crisis in the communities….sad…

  10. Greetings SouFLo. As I'm watching your video, I was wondering the same thing. As we are talking about this girl, there are sooo many other girls running right now!! In Jamaica, America, and around the world. I pray that they don't don't run Into the arms of the next vampire! When I win the lottery, that's one of the first groups I will start. A place for distressed women. I can't believe Mac Miller is gone also. I just saw him on Steven Cobare. The first time I had ever seen him and I thought he was really talented. RIP.

  11. This demon served time for killing his wife. It's said that he gorged out his wife's eyes & cut out her vagina & intestines. This 25 y o was corresponding with him from he was in prison – allegedly. This animal should have been tortured. Him dead too easy

  12. SouFlo a strong the Deacon obeah strong but this time him obeah cannot help him the law people what behind this shield him cannot get to them law people here

  13. @souflotv the judge and the juror and the defendant of this deacon needs to be brought to the court and all tried and sentence by a judge and also the parole officers because as far as the eyes can see, how on gods earth this man end up seeing the light of day, and as the man say for real, some females who don't wanna build from scratch better pick out a casket, cause some a them man a get wicked by the minute, and for a piece of the spotlight everybody using people to get to the top, stop usin people y'all hear as stepping stone pay attention.

  14. Just some food for thought on the passing of Mac Miller. How it occurred, is indeed devastating & bothering to many. Narcotics are definitely not something to take lightly, nor should they ever be. The issue that bothers me however, are the set parameters around narcotic use, age, profession, culture & sub-culture, with only very few, asking why or seeking out, the root cause as to how he got here… I ask, that those who are willing to feed their curiosity or learn a bit more about the young artist, to please check out and carefully listen to the song 'Poppy'. It can be found on his 'Blue Side Park Kids' album.

  15. i always said that if am seen someone or going out with some one i need to tell someone. if I am unable to do so then this person or place is clearly out of my bound. many of us are very secreative.people
    must live a transparent life .At the end day the jigsaw will be able to solve

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