Jamaican Food-In The Kitchen With Rawpa Crawpa September 2016 Part-4-COOKING VLOGS


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  1. Rawpa Crawpa…This is how you tell the real cod fish apart from the fake one just by the look, Real one(has a yellow colour and flakey look to it) the fake one (has a grey colour and dense look to it) by the way don't let anyone inform you that Olive oil is super healthy, Coconut oil is the best for your active body to burn off!

  2. As a Chef with a food channel (Murphy's Catering Kitchen) and a fan of your channel, watching this food video, I have to give you props. Your food was clean, properly prepared and the finishing touch left my mouth watering.

    Keep doing what you're doing. All very positive👊☝😎

    Bless up bredrin God is good! Always give him the glory.

  3. hello rawpa,

    i would like to share a little of my experience.with you . my concern is that when you use Teflon coated pots always wooden utensils to keep the coating unscratched. when the coating is removed , do not use the pot to cook. it become toxic. anyway, your finished meal is beautiful and nicely presented i am a trained cook

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