Jamaican Man Please Beware Of These Scamer Gyal Listen Care Fully-Rawpa Crawpa-September 2016-Vlogs


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  1. A true and watch out for dem transfer gal who look like gal smell like gal yet dem a man yes me Lord dem a use nuff ways to scam nuff real hard worker..

  2. This is 100% Truth , A JUST PART OF A BIG idiot scheme ,A RAPE TOO them a set up the man them to get $100-$300 thousand from The man them or a 15 years!! if them no get it..,with help from the police its much easier ,(1) all they need to do is say RAPE, (2) police A do Them job come look for u ,(3) she point u out say a u,(4) lock u up in jail ,(5) them inside man make a link, how payment a GO ,IF NOT PAY NOTHING, DEM KNOCK U DI FCK OUT EVERYDAY WHILE U IN JAIL,GET BAIL DEM JUST KILL YUH IF U GO BACK THE SAME COMMUNITY OR ANYWHERE DEM CAN REACH U TO KEEP THERE OPERATION QUIET ,HUMAN BEING MUST NOT TRUST-ABLE SO CARE FULL out!!

  3. Be careful when you go to Jamaica even with the people you know. I was robbed of some phones from someone I know for years. Luckily I didnt go with them and they stole the phones and sold them and when I was calling them no answer . After my dad told me that 1 of his friend daughter was set up by her friend , she was selling a computer and they rape her and kill her. Its very serious people. So be careful of who u know too.

  4. True
    Better she did beg u a fare fi go town.
    She cyaa know u n a beg u carry her go town and she nuh kno weh u a go. Yute run weh dem rass an all dem gal deh weh a comment n a chat off dem mout bout u responsible fi u own safety if unno tink seh a man alone dem a scam think again. D gal dem strap Crawpa dem have dem owna tings but chu dem dress up n look like hot chicks police naa really search dem. U go sorry fi dem n tek dem up dem wul up u rass n tell u fi turn off n rob u n kill u. Unno move up!!! Run weh dem rass my yute. Dem tink a suh ppl life go. Kmft.all dem town gal deh weh wear pay $100 clothes get u 10 grands d fucka dem tink a nuff money. N kill u fi nuttn. Some a unno fi gweh. Nuff a unno a scamma too. Lazy n nuh waa go look a descent job. Rawpa d struggles real mi yute.

  5. Hello she try beg a ride n tell pure story… u overreaction is 2 much. Know the whole world is evil n be glad you know better. Yes these woman wrapper n overly trusting n overly whoring man is 2 foolish. Don't pick up no stinking witch. Go home 2 ya wife keep ya head str8.

  6. Ha ha ha yuh draw a card back on her she drop the accent quickly and the people who is making work for themselves they prey on them too they won't work they just want to rob and kill you big up mi breda so them a broaden dem scope dem fi guh mek work sell water or bag juice

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