Jamaican Shotta says Obeah Woman makes him invisible to Squaddy


Obeah, or Voodoo is frowned upon in some parts of the Caribbean but in recent year its becoming more open to the public both the practitioners and those providing services. In this video we talk about a Jamaican shotta who gives all credit to his obeah woman for making him invisible to the authorities. We also talk about Christianity vs African spirituality. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Endorsing this wickedness!! For who ever indulge in this evilness will be indebted to Satan. At some point Lucifer will come to collect his debt. As it is said Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, Don't be fooled.

  2. Good even Souflo, Let me tell u a big YES!! MOTHER WOMAN Is far way different from a Obeah woman r man. Those PEOPLES r Evil worker's r Spirituall PEOPLE'S who believes in the ' LORD JESUS CHRIST" SO TO SPEAK.

  3. It's good and bad because nature is good and bad, landslides, hurricane, etc, then beautiful beaches naturally sweet food and healthy living. The only problem is those people that just live to be evil. Haitians used to be free they were the 1st to be free from slavery. This has been in Africa before any other state of believe system ever existed. If u don't understand it leave it alone for a lot of people it's just nature and no one can't say anything to change that.

  4. Oneah,is communicating with fallen demons,the Holy bible forbid it,if you want your prayer to be answered,first receive Jesus Christ as your lord and savior,then Repent of sin,from fornication,lies,pornagraphy,homosexuallity,cursing,drinking,drug use,turn from your idols like kartel,ninja man, bounty,beenie who preach murder and slackness in there music, turn from all act of immortality,God is holy,then your prayer will be heard and he will come near to you,all who do evil and refuse to repent they will go where the devil go and that is the lake of fire,if you practice Obeah or have being to obeah man or woman,you can still be saved,but do not die in your sin,meaning never turn from sin to follow Jesus,if you do, it will forever be too late,today is the day of salvation

  5. What stupidness this is so you child doing criminal acts and you don't want nothing to do him? They sick in their head so him don't want to work for 6 grand cause it can't take care of his family but he could rob the person who work hard for their 6 grand and leave them and their family without that make sense to him smh. Some ppl heartless and don't have no sense. Ppl need to be careful cause the way they use those things is wrong and it will turn back on them or their family when they least expect it

  6. My belief is that it doesn't matter what you used voodo, witch craft ,obeah or black magic for. They come with a consequences, you got to give something to gain something. This why they talk about generational curse and they also say the good will suffer for the bad because what fall of head will drop on shoulder.

  7. That is how demons and satan work. The scripture says that the enemy comes to seek kill and destroy. But people think he's just going to come in ans snuff the life out of people. First he has to gain your trust in him, trust in his obeah powers thinking that it works (which it does only for a while). And when your deep down in trusting him that's when the obeah powers backfire on the one invested in it and then they re destroyed. At first the evil obeah powers protect you then when you are so deep into it and your guard is let down, the powers can't protect you anymore.

  8. I never believe in it. I went through many challenges growing up but I read my bible morning, afternoon and night and pray each time after reading. I heard that people were trying to do witchcraft to prevent me from leaving the Island, but I never believe in it. I fasted more than how I wash my face each day. God protected me then even to this day. If I must give money like that, it would be towards my tithing or helping the poor and needy when I can. Many spiritual gifted people use the gift of prophecy and free prophectic worlds and charged them instead of helping them. I personally cast my care to the Lord for He cares for us. I pray for my family and keep their photos in my bible. My bible is one of their picture frame. So, to each his own, but as for me, I will try my best to seek God more and more each day and do the things that please Him.

  9. If they can work that magic they should all be billionaires and work the opposite so all these terrible people turn good eh!! Help the country to succeed. True scammers…

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