Kartel ‘Fever’ burns charts, Trench Town gully rescue saga + Stylez tops Billboard | Quik Fix

A quick round-up of news we missed throughout the week including:
– IamStlyezMusic tops Billboard Reggae Album chart for 3 weeks in a row
– Vybz Kartel’s ‘Fever’ #1 on Reggae iTunes chart
– More individuals stepping forward wanting recognition for the rescue of 12-year-old Renaldo Reynolds from flood waters in Trench Town

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  1. playing "devil's advocate" a bit, is not the first hero done selfless act in ja 6:48 cos every heroe's day man get dem big medal, the only difference with this hero, again ''devil's advocate" the only difference is, it was caught on camera, and you know what they say a pic say a thousand words, so just imagine a video, hence the public job offers and gifts, so in a sense the company dem nu much different from the katty weh a seh she want recognition cos a she record it, so in other she nah seh she a hero, she just a meck the public know seh a the video bring the impact, over every other hero like him meck ppl a shower him……but she fe learn fe bill, who u eva hear get credit if video people fe selfish like/share a who video gully bop again?……..big man ting if next week an ppl still a talk bout this she deserve a credit, mi ago buy har a bills credit and give unu fe give har, #creditchallenge send the link to anybody next week still a talk bout this.

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