kyle’s dancehall gospel mix


track list….
1. Stitchie โ€“ temptation
2. Prodigal son โ€“ brush yu self off
3. Prodigal son โ€“ straight and narrow
4. Shivel franklin โ€“ just another Saturday night
5. Shivel franklin โ€“ ooh na na na na na
6. God is for me not sure or artiste
7. Prodigal son โ€“ the ultimate
8. Prodigal son โ€“ hey you
9. Papa san ft shabba ranks โ€“ only jah mercy
10. Papa san โ€“ get right
11. Dj Nicholas โ€“ when me tek a pree
12. Ryan mark โ€“ say jesus
13. Dj Nicholas โ€“ round here
14. Jason mighty โ€“ da vinci code
15. Lypher ft dahue dyer โ€“ taking back
16. Dj Nicholas โ€“ meet my star
17. Lypher โ€“ fire burn
18. Koen Duncan โ€“ pick a side
19. Prodigal son โ€“ plea d blood
20. Shivel franklin โ€“ radio playing
21. Ryan mark- mi papa
22. Dj Nicholas and positive โ€“ rise again
23. Prodigal son โ€“ larva ground
24. Ryan mark ft dj Nicholas โ€“ wah do dem
25. Dj Nicholas โ€“ concern
26. Lypher โ€“ true God
27. Lypher โ€“ God over money
28. Avalanche eft qbert fresh โ€“ use you
29. Lyricall bless ft lynx โ€“ this is police brutality
30. Dj counsellor ft jah hem โ€“ police brutality
31. Bevil and jah Kiley โ€“ under di blood
32. Farenite โ€“ full joy
33. Dj Nicolas ft Jason mighty โ€“ divine mathematics
34. Ryan mark โ€“ when we party
35. Dj Nicholas โ€“ harvesting
36. Dj Nicholas โ€“ imitate God
37. Lypher โ€“ His love goes on and on papa san ft stitchie โ€“ one blood
38. Lypher โ€“ brand new thing
39. Dj Nicholas โ€“ pop off the word
40. Ryan mark โ€“ depart I know you not
41. Prodigal son โ€“ whoโ€™s that guy
42. Prodigal son โ€“ Babylon
43. Ryan mark โ€“ my provider
44. Frank Edwards โ€“ spiritually fit



  1. Hey brotha blessings from Holland ! Luv these mixes can we contact iยดd like to ask if its during allright workout sessions clips i'm a personal/ bootcamp trainer Bless!

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