Likkle Shabba seh He is Ready for Clash as Notorious Intl


Likkle Shabba represent Notorious Int’l a play some Baaaad Dub Plate !!
Who want to book Notorious, email



  1. Yes shabba Jah bless the child who have his or her own from you know the business every youth must have your own sound bless king all the best straight

  2. Wha gwaan wit Soul Supreme meh bredda? Bwoy, that's why from mi a youth mi build my OWN sound…Mi a the boss a my sound..No bwoy can chat to me…All them selectors and MCs a run round the place a play this man sound and that man sound…Need fe look at this….What happen to Baby Face…after years a playing Addies…Him gone with nothing to show…Just street credibility….Trevor Sax…after years of playing Saxon…Again, him gone with nothing to show but street credibilty….Remember, if yuh don't own the sound you are playing…You're EXPENDABLE….Bless

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