Lisa Hyper learning from past mistakes, being more humble + dropping Vanessa Bling beef


Lisa Hyper stopped by ‘The Fix’ and discussed her new music, as well as displaying a calmer, more refined personality + killing her publicised feud with Vanessa Bling.

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  1. fabs form Afriac (Gambia) living in Vienna (Austria) is very proud you guys#am well imformed about a lot of artists that pass through your show.keep it up and more blessings to you all.

  2. Thats why you jamaicans always a say the people abroad a tek weh we music, you lot dont bother with the roots music at all ,you need fe know say the roots a mashup uk and europe so maybe you need to start look into it

  3. Wow she learned a lot from seeing herself on the last interview ,more mature and calm and seem way more professional cause you guys were having a good laugh at her in the last interview so with this one she seem like she realize now where she need to go

  4. Unfortunately ,the hosts asked some ' questionable ' questions which in my view are unprofessional , childish , & somewhat vindictive . Also ,, in September Lowell Hawthorne ( R.I .P ) & myself felt the interview with Eek A Mouse ( our former schoolmate at Grantham College ) was very disrespect ,the fact that he is an icon .. You guys need to research , pre – plan ,etc before opening your platform .

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