Macka Diamond talks turning down Lady Saw Sumfest offer + warns Spice @NightlyFix

Female dancehall artiste Macka Diamond stopped by Nightly Fix and explained the reason behind her decision to turn down Lady Saw’s offer to bring her onstage during her set at Reggae Sumfest 2015 + responded to Spice’s take on the matter. Macka also talked about her new viral songs “Weave” & “Masquita One”

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  1. Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder, coz to me Macka look nice an' sparkling wit' har new diet an' di natural hair. And she right … nuff ah wi luv har voice an' how she do har ting. Easy yuself yah Macka. Braps!

  2. Her bleach reached. Between the bleach & the natural hair she looks better. Her features are so hard & strong that those straight weaves, straight wigs and blonde hair just don't work on hard features. Let's keep it real Macka is a jealous bad minded bitch, but give her credit where it's due, she's a very hilariously funny woman, she's authentically GHETTO, but most of all she sings good songs, and she's a true survivor. She's extremely resilient. She's been around for so many years & she's been counted out many times, but the bitch keeps on coming back, so for that alone you have to respect her.

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