Mackerel Onstage a mother's love

Mackerel Official as she is called certainly has fame now and with it comes high profile interviews on media platforms like Onstage tv with Mr Winford Williams. In this video we talk about her recent interview on Onstage and read word for word with commentary her even more extensive interview with the Observer



  1. The LOVE of a mother is a powerful thing and although we may find substitutes none of those will ever equal a mother's love. The void will always remain.

  2. If you are able to free yourself from all kinds of bad habits, and if you are able to do good because you want to do good and not merely because evil brings sorrow, then you are truly progressing in Spirit.

  3. Who feels it, knows it. That's why I don't judge her. She's not the only one that sings about "teking people's man." And she's not the only one that takes other people's men. LOTS of these women do it but look down on the young lady. She is surviving and is STILL here! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  4. 😇 inspirational but has a lot of revisit👣 sadness. Situations like this, the government should garnish the parents wages. Use the money, help rebuild these kids lives. To much emotional damage stuck with them from childhood. 😔.

  5. Souflotv I say lets hear from the son if he got love the so did she . Girl pickney born with independent an I believe her mother did her best but she needed more motherly. I believe both mother an daughter was very much struggling. Remmber the father also wasnt living with the mother so . I see a very broken home an it's very sad to say they bother needed more support. Mother legally blind doing her best to survive an her u have a young child searching for what was absent at home.


  7. Which good mother would let her 11 year old run away? Which good mother would let her 13 year old get pregnant? Which good mother would let her son burn her daughter with the iron to wake her up? Mackerel still have the iron burn, the mother is a liar and I don't believe the mother the mother is a liar and the mother does sound like a professional liar. Women/mother , look into yourself and ask yourself if you showed your daughter love and didn't abuse her and let she feel like she wasn't wanted would she have done any of that to survive.

  8. You couldn't have said it better… why Jamaicans have the notion that's it's okay for a mother to abuse their child/children and the children should be forgiven because it's their mother ? No !! I'm sorry , it nuh work dat way.

  9. Thanks for this. So true that this child sexual abuse must be addressed😳 My heart goes out to this young girls and her son. I’m sixtytwo years old and I can’t believe that this is still allowed. Don’t tell me this predator can’t be found, it’s not up to her to point him out. What about the investigation, her parents should have demanded on😳. Jamaica needs to step up to the task and bring these predators to justice. This will send a strong message to them. 🙏

  10. SouFlo: Long time subscriber; first time to provide a comment. You provided an outstanding analysis on Latisha Francis' story. I saw the interview on "Onstage" and had to make a comment. That's what prompted me to checkout your vlog.
    Frankly, I am disappointed in the state of affair in Jamaica these days. I thought it was just at the macro level, but this seems to suggest a structural failure down to the nuclear family. And we know that in Jamaica, mothers play a pivotal role in the upbringing of children. Latisha's mom, like Dalton's mom, abdicated their roles.
    Latisha needs some serious intervention. It would be good to see her mom get off social media, stop giving interviews, reach out to her daughter, and reconcile with her daughter. Then they could get the help they need.

    The final thing that I believe should be done for Latisha, is for all someone to setup a CrowdFunding account for her to raise money to help her realize her dreams. Last time I heard, Edna Manley Center is very expensive.

  11. Well said souflotv mother must be mother and work hard to make there children successful in life love and care them without beating them xx

  12. Coincidentally I was listening to a dancehall video from the 80s. There were a DJ called lady mackeral and she sang a song called "tek people man". Tippa irie was in the video too. I think it was saxon sound.
    The same woman who is criticizing 2019 mackeral now are probably the same females that were in the dancehall in the 80s and 90s dancing and patting their veggie to songs like shabba ranks pay down pon it, red dragon good hole college .

  13. Me say a two people to blame, one is her mother the other is the baby father, look on her now and she looks like a little baby so how did she look when she was 12 ? im not saying its ok to trouble young girls but some of them look like big woman and some situations i know them having i.d. to get in over 18 and over 21 clubs so in some cases i can understand, but this little girl look like a little girl so what was the attraction or turn on for this man ? jah know SouFlo i have a 10 year old and mek a man look pon her the wrong way and see how long them gi me ina prison, The core of what she saying about parents love makes a lot of sense, a child must be delt with as a child and loved as a child or we will end up like she is saying.

  14. I blame both …. mother first….. now Latesha(apology if I get the spelling wrong)…. she come to recognize something is wrong, something is missing and the only thing she consciously made the decision to take the path she on(person commented she isn't an idiot, she is smart)….. she cries because she knows what she's doing is the wrong way because the voids are still there, she cries because she is pained , she cries because she is empty,…. now she just exposes her to be used and abuse by people……I know of a lots and lots of person (male and female) who never know parental love, some of them history worse than Latesha's and yet they choose a different path from her (some do take her path)…. I'm over 50, I NEVER knew motherly or fatherly love to this day (mother passed away… don't know anything about the sperm donor)…yet I know how to LOVE ….as I always tells my children (3 + 2grand😊) I never love until I have them…….I really hope someone out there can truly help all the "mackerels and sardines" out…I do .. and it warms my heart to get invited to a wedding or messages thanking me, how much they appreciate my help to help them become who they are today 😊

  15. Why would a.mother do abandon her child,? Most Jamaican mother's do not tell their children they love them, this is very much mind blowing, may. God given her the strength she needs and send the right people in her life to help her

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