Foota hype throw shade at marlon on instagram when he said that ishawna TOLD HIM , marlon love when she gets drunk and shit and piss on him so marlon samuels the icon drop a diss song for foota hype . Listen to see what i think about the song , lyrics and more .

Foota Hype Diss song
Marlon Samuels – Spoon Head


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  1. Well actually the masses didn't know of Marlon until ysnique called his name and worst along time cricket hasn't been entertaining because it rig to set back the west Indian team so we seeing sabotage like the mistraining the newer generation if you haven't heard from the elder that this cricket gen. has been rooksy and duh gud, well that's do to it being one of the most paid sport and to stop third world country who exceptional great at the sport they buy out our player or pay to mistrain younger generation or just rig the match entirely.

  2. Woiii Marlon done foota hype ??? foota hype ah idiot even if he make song it ain't gonna sound good. And first him a mad over ishawna him can't stop call up her name. She and Marlon don't have nothing and never had anything they just did the video and that was it. Marlon said so himself so what foota hype write pon Instagram is a lie he just do that because him thing that would be a diss to Marlon ???. Brains mi love how you did this review you had me flat lining "mi did see foota skin out pon the Ferrari fi true mi nah lie" that statement killed me ??? love you fam bless up yourself

  3. R.I.P footah hype…. Sumady guh bill him grave wi need fi kep pa ni nite…. Footah hype cyaa even DJ ? Kmt…. Ah funeral need fi kep… Is like dem Marlon itching fi kill sumady, footah juss salt, dwl, ppl r deading, dat searough til et all treerough…

    No man… ah bwoi
    Sum man juss dead like dwaag
    No ma…. Ah bwoi
    Sum man juss dead like dwaag
    Dem ded de ded de dead like dwaag
    Marlon ah kill dem wid lyrics dem show soon foil
    Ah spoon head a muss aluminum fi him spoon mek outta juss gi him ma one phone call…..

  4. De drama start b4 foota upload Chris Gayle pic.This episode started wen foota a review Yanique and Medik drama Baltimore.Foota did a wonda a who dem a beef ova.The cricketer or Shane,sumady ask him a who a de cricketer ,Foota seh him nuh know him name or know him really.ICON criketa get pissed an start drink Henny pan I.G…How spoon head fi seh him nuh know him wen 2 billion people a INDIA know him.Foota reply wid de posting of Gayle pic.The rest they say is history..SPOON HEAD..MBC!!!..??????..mi almost drop offa mi chair..Man seh tek off de hat if u bad ??????

  5. Big up Shane O. You did a great job writing this song as you have done for others over the last 13 years. Stop the ghost writing though. Sort out your publishing so you collect royalty money and put the bloody song on Spotify, Amazon, itunes and Google Play for purchase. Mi nuh want see yuh bruk again Shane O! Also , use a condom on the skettel dem who a run eeeennn pon yuh now since you buy your BMW.

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