Masicka & Alkaline on FOX 5 | Dancehall on a Rise | #STATEOFDANCEHALL

Masicka & Alkaline on FOX 5 | Dancehall on a Rise, Let’s Celebrate our Dancehall Artists

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  1. See sometimes it's us as Jamaican fans who set one act against another and that's from the thing start . Things have changed and I think papi is making a bold move trying to get us to unite love conquers all

  2. no reconciling with this fish that came in with his arrogance and immorality. Trying to do a hostile takeover of dancehall am not in no camp am grown. But I have my favorites.we could accept movado back in mainstream and the other one that looks like a female.but the batty wash practitioner is in the toilet. Can't go there big up masicka always been impress by his style and Flo.

  3. Segregation is what holding these new talents. Back in the days there were no internet or social media and a man like me sell over 20k in a few weeks because we had unity. We all had the same fans. I found out about the segregation in 08 when I went to jamaica. Once they clean it up dancehall will b fine. Top form!!!!!!

  4. Masicka & Alkaline on Fox tv masicka had a interview, Alkaline performed they wasn’t competing against each other’s they both did good them on the same team:team JamaicA ?? thats a good look..

  5. I feel proud to be a Jamaican, seen both Masicka and Alkaline on Fox 5 is extremely hugeeeee!!! In New York City if you need to get your product, and or events known of and, or even to push yourself a little further with whatever, here in New York we all know Fox 5 is the stage to be on in the morning time..I am proud of them both and made their continued success be uplifting to Jamaica and Jamaicans…Keep reaching for the stars y'all!!! Success over Hate, always…Muah

  6. This is why I've ( we've) always said stop di crab inn a barrel business and focus on how we can rule the world with OUR reggae music artist THIS is weh we fi do push REGGAE MUSIC to a DISTANCE…well dun massika alkaline and we hope to see more artist progress this way

  7. Masicka seems right at home on Fox News. I am not a big Dancehall fan but I was happy to see my Jamaican brother doing his thing on
    a very conservative TV station.

  8. Wow this caller just hit the nail right on the head. Masicka spoke with intelligence and you can clearly understand what he is saying. The Jamaican Artist have to understand that in order to win new fans they must be able to understand what you are saying.

  9. Fox 5 News was talking about how they had a lot of ratings when Mascika was on and even JaRadio TV from Canada was talking about Mascika then they showed the both of you photos

  10. Dancehall can rule the world if the Artist them continue to do good clean music. Stop with the killing and who a sleep with who. All the Artist need to come together and create a musical fraternity in JA if they don’t already have won. Where is the Dancehall Hall of Fame?

  11. Yow JaRadio! Mi hear Vegas a whine and a complain that people only commenting on his tunes on his Facebook page and they are not buying his music. It is sad to see Vegas get blacklisted by mainstream producers. Vegas damage his own career still.

  12. We need jungle justice in JA. The decent men in JA is hiding in their homes while the Demons walk around freely devouring innocent children and women. Is there no one in Jamaica to defend the innocent?

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