Masicka Said This About Vybz Kartel On American TV Station FOX 5



  1. I made my comment say Vybz Kartel spend two-and-a-half in Calabar high school and people is sliding under my comments say it don't add up but they think they can contest me when it comes on to school placement education-wise in Jamaica they forgot you have something named Grade 9 achievement test what can place you in the highest high school in Jamaica I am the comments King for dancehall YouTube

  2. Go suck you madda pussy batty boi stop call alkaline name batty boi alkaline lock this bbc clatt unu learn that wen him a come around u not going to see that kartel a fren killa and a criminal

  3. Bomboclaaat pussyhole uno start see fox 5 as big big big station now ? But when Alkaline brake the barrier uno start say a little station and a say this and that move yuh madmind pussy

  4. MVP set trends all badmind bias pussies can comment now but one thing me know evil and wicked will never prevail over goodness…..( M) MOVADO (V) Vendetta (P) Patriots fi life

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