Masicka – Yeh Blood Is Unique NOT Following NO Flop Artist


Masicka Ye Blood one of the hotest track out. Masicka continues to find innovative ways to bring his music to the Fans and continue to LEAD the new Generation Artistes for 2018
#YehBlood #Masicka #BlessydGazaDiva



  1. Ppl lick this aids victim hoe is why fans fight against artist, all you gaza vloggz call up alkaline name for views because obviously his talent ah bun uno bumbaclart cos d more fight uno fight the more rich d yout get. Give up or deal wid it, alkaline is ah monster in dancehall #younglawrd #maindanger. Vendetta tr888 ????????

  2. He will be in Grenada agaust 11 for our carnival show masicka is Kartel son haha when teacha get free masicka will be a Gaza artise awhoa me say Gaza genaside

  3. As a British national he has the slang for UK people.
    He as the talk British people uses, it will take off People will love it here.
    I endorse it. As a British.
    And you cover the story well.

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