Mavado SUSPECT Got Caught and now in Custody (June 3, 2018)

Popular entertainer Mavado was on TVJ News today June 3, 2018

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Chris Future – My Boo



  1. How some bwoy luv war so much?… Jah kno… same mouth that ah style Mavado as coward… woulda drop “??” or would ah preach on ending gun violence. Smh bad enuff ah man dead ah gone.

  2. me know bout more than one occasion whey kartel affi race from gunshot, but the only difference is mavado finish line was the police station. bad man a bad man, punk a punk. dehso di ting deh.

  3. Movado say him very poroud when brains reach the cloud why we surprise say a gun play gwaan when di man done dj say him nuh fight fist to fist? cmon peeps..a nuh primary school like ina the eighties this.//then run to police station and then say bun informer and police? not sure how dat work or its jus all talk cause if a jus entertainment..then he was simply being entertained..#Unfortunately

  4. Ppl really a call movado informer. Some a dem ppl ya stupid till it look bad. If cooperating with the police a informing, why then turn around and complain about the high crime rate in Jamaica.

  5. Unnuh nuh see say is bare crosses deh tek the music fraternity from wah day?wELL it flare up from last yr wid mineral boss an unicorn come dung, to munga get chop or was it before those 2?an every 2 weeks or every month is one next crosses.

  6. This not informer business if a man fire upon u and u escape yes police must involve straight up what do want him to do turn a killer ?? big up Movado still??

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