Mavado Wanted For Questioning | Son & Relatives Detained Jamaica News June 5, 2018

Mavado called in for questioning Jamaica News June 5, 2018



  1. I see this coming even if the man wasn't in the country when all this went down movado a mi artist him need fi just leave Jamaica an just vist when he got business an see family

  2. I know this was gonna happen Jamaica system need fi go ina a black bag and dash weh cause the system fucked up that's why the man stay out a Jamaica cause a bare dutty heart ppl live there

  3. Uno should be acting from the man made a report a when them try off a the man life and the man escape without the help of ya'll now uno want the man look like a victim yall are wrong for that

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  5. are wanted for sad.hope is not s ninja ma or kartel case.mavado you had to go in with your lawyers or ask your lawyer to represent you until you arrive back I the island I guess.?this don t look good.but I hope it work out in your favour.still someone or persons were is that ppl need answers..this don t need no is already serious. Mavado is so successful.'what a pity''what a pity'prayers out for Mavado and family.and also for those who were murdered.we definitely need some answers.this madness gots go stop!

  6. the only thing i to say the my funny two face wicked jamaica people . want the man fi stand up make the selfish nasty people them killed him .i say run run run my nice superstar . don.t make those badmind people kill you .take your family and run hater is after your life.we pray for your right.

  7. walk with yuh lawyer???Him betta walk good!!That's a warning dat cassava piece nah hold dung di dj like when him did poor…Bad mind ting ah gwaan.Duh something bout yuh "bad"pickney!!!

  8. To me it look like all the artist weh a sing bout badness and such is a target right now even if yo live a yaad or abroad a just madness ,this is line from nas the beast love to eat black meat got the ni$$az from the hoods hanging off his teeth ,the meaning is we the black population has become the biggest target to this world

  9. Am not takin up for Vado but alot of dudes in ja feel like certain bread winners owe them!!!FUK DEM NIGGAZ DONT LET NO BUM ASS CLOWNS HARM U EAT THEIR FOOD FIRST IF THEY TRY TO HURT U OUT OF HATRED.

  10. Some real people out deh wid some powerful prayer mi dj…Dem caan bloodclaat stop da youth yah…fada gad y Dem fight Fi so hard, a mossi true mi wi nuh coward…vado ever step u meck Jah a step with u…it sweet some little rat pussy hw a little small thing go with u, bt who Jah bless, nuh man curse… Cully fi life… badmind Neva stop e nuh vado, so if a left u a fi left di desso, just do dat bredda…all nuh some rat pussy caan believe weh u reach in life…so Fi calm Dem duty mine, a u life Dem waan teck….weh deh yah with u bredda….mad

  11. Record companies are the boss Gangsters inlined with the Governments that's bonnded by The Jew Mason's ( illumanti) that ownes the Bank of Jamaica, as well as the Bank of England and The United States Federal Reserve. The Central Bankers , who created the C.I.A ,so why did you always hear of the C.I.A organizing the under world drug Cartels , because it's facts. All Citizens world wide have been lied to about all we know.

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