1. Pussy go suck unu madda kartel and him fren kill lizard the 10 voice note is the nuff evidence to send him and him fren to prison unu think the jamaica justice system a fool don't know that police did a try to mek kartel walk free buy tamper with the phone any person that change the data time and everything pon the phone unu want go to prison to rass clatt pussy every body know say trick in trade and matches box in business that can't reach the judge dem dun know say kartel guilty has fuck unu agwaan wait because him not coming a road until him is 73 year old kartel a blood clatt fool him put him self in that position is phone conversation send a lot ppl a prison a forigen all now dem can't get lizard body to buried kartel a evil boi and devil unu think society a fool to let a evil out to come mash up Jamaica more me have a fren and a years him a talk say kartel a fool and him must go prison for murder because him love badness and him words come to pass

  2. When I am making my comments I'm not looking no likes likes suck his mother because I am talking reality Vybz Kartel is from my community what I helped put on the map before Vybz Kartel come take it to the highest level so I know what I am defending Gaza brand far Rowan Butler start Vybz Kartel career Rohan Butler is from where I am from Bucktown in Waterford you know how much Rent-A-Car Vybz Kartel bang up for we before he get his 4Runner and he right that Off too and then he get that imitation Lexus Truck and then the Vista car or maybe the Vista car before that Lexus Truck Nuffy need to sit his ass down because he do nothing to keep Gaza brand going

  3. Nuffy is Isaiah Laing Yes Man and also Heavy D Yes Man I know what I'm talking about and all who is from Portmore originally know what I am talking about I am not a fake and I don't deal with fake

  4. This guys I don’t know him and I don’t understand everything he was saying but the little things he was saying he’s true and I respect him.this the time time vybz kartel need help.anything u can do to help is good.i hope and pray to god to help him to be free god bless

  5. The presentation by the defence team is very compelling. The facts presented cannot and will not be ignored by the panel of judges. Freedom for Kartel and the other appellants are on the horizon.

  6. Nuffy is doing more bad than good he comes public talking about if kartel even do it is not him alone done things like that and get away with it. I thing that was on call for, he should have just say he is hoping and praying ?? for the appeal court to free him.

  7. Fool dem bout big man nuh cry fuck Jamaican this is why dem kill like that mi cause dem grow up fool bout man nuh cry n man nuh tell man seh dem love dem this is why fren quick fi kill fren because a man have him fren him nah love him cause him think it wrong sih as dem have a likkle problem dem kill each other because dem nuh have nuh love fi man but dat is stupidity
    Free world boss nuh stop cry till him come nuffy

  8. Its so sad kartel is a good artist hes one of my favourite artist dancehall not the same with out him i believe hes innocent and they set him up he was on the top hes always been different his kids his family its hurt breaking so sad i pray for him.

  9. Video link Jamaica and souflo is the only bloggers I trust to listen too. Everyone else kinda soft to me.

    All those artist were afraid to be seen as associating with the so call bad fruit.

    Big up yourself dowg.

  10. If nuffy did feel this way, he would have shown it many many times before, he had 8 years to cry and show the world how he feels. Pay day nuffy a look a getto youth, they know how to size up themselves to get on the money line….

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