Mutabaruka Epic Interview About Bounty Two Son “Vybz Kartel & Mavado”

Mutabaruka Epic Interview About Bounty Two Son “Vybz Kartel & Mavado”



  1. We Jamaican must have a crime free holiday celebration like how Christmas easter labour day heroes day all the holiday in jamaica stupidness is like the people them acepect that no pride where is the pride of jamaica gone every day on the news broadcast on TV on radio every day killing killing and the media a hurry hurry like light fi tell the people them police kill gunman kill I and I need look in a we jamaica too much the shooters them a joke the bray bray them to stop in carry go bring to killing jamaica can do better than America England Canada and others countries all those countries a follow our style and a that wi a show them wi must stop wi bigger than that

  2. The law of the land must must be justified they can't go around the system and lock up inocent people it's bad and wrong the justice is for everyone rastaifari

  3. We can't blame our coloniaters we get the country to run a jamaica made their law no country don't have nothing to do with law of jamaica wi must stop around the brush poor people get lock up get kill and ask questions a pure a who mi know and who have the most money and thing every one know what's going on reggie music sell long time a Japan have it the dance hall a show the state of the country dance hall a people hall a the rich money people them a nasty it up

  4. Poor people in jamaica in the getto don't have money to buy gun a money them need to buy food a money rich people a use the getto people as scragoat eliterate fool no have no abetion hungry a so them si them all the demon they they put on getto people and every where in jamaica a getto and land where our fort person come on and wi divided our from getto jamaica did bush where we a chop out

  5. (Vybz Kartel have freedom of speech like every other man).him just a sing and dj him talent look at overseas artist that singing about drugs and guns you hear NYPD an other police department a say dem a bad influence kmt unuh too fool Kartel naah influence nobody everybody do what them want to do unu try know that people just love listen music every other artists fans listen to Kartel if the man do something bad him affi face it yes like any other man long as him guilty

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