New Evidence Found Today Could Free Vybz Kartel Before December



  1. The coach did want them to throw away the case he offers them money those two are the ones who told the judge about it wat hard to understand u guys talking shit u people don't even know what going on

  2. My name is Know TheTruth not some of u.. And which ever way if they were offered for the coach for a not guilty verdict then their is no reason for them to be in the witness protection program…

  3. Hey u notice how de people dem who blastfeem never beg fe de good person fe free so dem way dey.thats why there is a major huge big serious reason why dem want him free him and de followas know ano fe one good reason dat dem love if u get de drif.u no see all de wrongs de man do pan all news him aa rhino did a frien aa when him cyaa get money rhino earn from music him almost blow up him house wid bomb dats why dem lef gaza did u forget all de facts ano real friend dat real friend no stab u ina u back behind close doors or behind u kartel a viper.and u know de ute dem falla everyting a de same ting him a teach dem falla no good fe de music or kids growing teach dem facts not stupidness thats no knowledge u say u very educated where is the action from de brain thats uplifting him no have none.see dancehall a rise in love big difference de way it should be now.u wonder why artist a dead aa pay war because a who want dat and no love mek justice cause de law and goverment unfair dem nees real law and goverment who is fair in justice not evil people full of hate defenendind there match.and dem only have de power dem ina de chair we need fe get real man an woman ina dem chair dey and get out de wolfs out de system cause a pay can a worms dem a open up look into it a God over devil everytime naa change dem just keep trying to win in everyting fe have control over Jamaica aa innocent peoples dat naa go work mabye ina waa nedda country not Beaitiful jamaica ?? jah bless

  4. Virtual y you have to say a frame Kartel get what if those jurior over seas came under threat n fearing for their family lives could mean their family members are now coming uner threat mi n u know Vybz Kartel is not a saint Kartel is big time murderer but because him name Vybz Kartel some people a shield him i don't wish to c him go to prison if he did not kill lizard but but as no one is above the law if him did the crime he should serve the time

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