(NEWS FLASH) Vybz Kartel Trial – UPDATE



  1. This is Jamaica ppl don't be surprise if kartel lose this appeal, justice, me see police kill a man on camera in at Ann a get away…. justice walk backway in Jamaica n it's only works for some ppl learn that….

  2. Why you said wrongfully accused? You have evidence to support his innocence? If so you need to bring such evidence to the attention of the defense attorneys.

  3. You will be waiting in vain? keep living in your own reality. This motherfucker will never see road, he will be freed when pigs? fly, so don’t hold your breath??????. Murderers! Blood is on your shoulders, kill lizard ? today, you can’t kill it tomorrow.

  4. Yeah, I feel like I've been waiting forever for this retrial, yes as excited but worried too because the courts and media can be so corrupt. I've looked at all the evidence and it's a joke. There isn't any evidence. I heard the Chief of Police in Jamaica blame Vybz for hundreds of murders and clearly there is prejudice against dancehall artists there. Can he even get a fair trial in Jamaica? Good luck Vybz. Sending out good vybz for Vybz.

  5. straight out of the spice isle of Grenada. Never did stop and never will stop supporting and proclaim Kartels innocents in this character destroying case built against him. Addi innocent and come monday will be a day to remember in Jamaica the caribbean and the entire world to extention. Am confident in the lawyers fighting for the boss freedom but am still shaken knowing how the system was design to always win and to keep poor people children down. History shows us clearly that once you are black educated and for the poor people you will be cut short cost it what it may. Still shouting free Addijah because kartel will never be imprisoned. #freedomisahmust #gazanation #GRENADA . #musicislife.

  6. Jamaica government system don't want to see young people progress.young and old out on the street juggling for a living and Babylon just all over them with beating and taking away their goods.but God nah sleep as what Bob Marley say only the fittest of fittest can servive.i would love to see the government in Jamaica start building more factories and trade center for the youth,all I can see is new building going up and guess what it's a new prison, it's so sad trust me real sad… some people can't even find doctor bill much more medication to be filled.i wish we could have back our old Jamaica back.only God can help us in this right now trust me.prison is over packed and the factories closed down and out of business.the government soon start sell the younger folks also because they sell out Jamaica full time to the Chinese government.jamaica people is to start rebel and take back their country which is rightfully their's.i love Jamaica but to be honest I rather just visit and leave and help who I can help whenever I visit…my heart will always remain the same love for Jamaica my home country.

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