Ninja Man defends Vershon, Demarco signs to Akon + Foota Hype takes shot at Popcaan? | Quik Fix


A quick round-up of news we missed throughout the week including:

– Ninja Man defends Vershon for wearing Confederate flag jacket on ‘The Fix’
– Demarco signs with Akon’s label
– Jay Z ft. Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley – ‘Bam’ review
– Foota Hype takes jabs At Popcaan for not helping Chi Ching Ching?

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  1. Burn out the Confederate flag n what it represents, but to be honest I was paying attention to what the yout was saying, ppl touches for every flipping thing these days

  2. No ari, to say Jamaicans shouldn't be concerned with the confederate flag is rubbish, because if a Jamaican comes to USA, they will face the same struggle as the black Americans.

    the racists dem nah go response if u a Jamaican or not, from u black dem nuh like you, and they will show it, so vershon fi bun up dah jacket Deh still. speaking of bun up, congrats to demarco, it's a great look, dancehall a mek moves, works a mash.

    ninja man spewed a heaping pile of hot shyt with that statement. I understand he is trying to defend individuality and human rights etc but you affi know how deep certain things go.

    member seh Caribbean ppl including Jamaicans were shipped to USA during slave trade etc so they should very well be concerned to see a black bredda wearing that flag. Caribbean ppl are a big part of world history, they fought in many wars for Britain and USA etc.. so don't feel like Caribbean ppl are exempt.

    the ppl who gave version backlash were not haters, they were ppl who understood the symbolism and don't want to see a black brother being tricked. nuttin nuh wrong wid that. mek kanye tan deh by himself wid him fvckery, bout style.

    if ninja man is gonna defend vershon for wearing that, then be sure to defend the dancehallers if them decide fi dress like Lil Uzi and young thug because a just style, right?

    if you're gonna disassociate the meaning from one form of wardrobe then you have to do it across the board, don't act like symbolism isn't important. and hip hop get nuff fight, ask drake

  3. Yankees don't give a fuck about yardies. niggas in usa want everyone to fight for them..but them na fight fi we . niggas in usa want all niggas to push gay man . and usa niggas love them. usa niggas live in a bubble them think the sun dont shine until them wakeup..usa niggas was balling about Trump because him banned the Muslims(they should).. but when Obama was president , how much man couldn't leave yard or get visa…me neva hear them usa niggas a ball fi we…..usa niggas always a ball racism. .but the way them niggas treat any blackman thats not from the usa(africa or the islands ) they only have them self to blame.. plus them same usa niggas always a fall fi the Whitemans terrorist bullshit. it has nothing to do with us.There own blackman a starve in mamma africa, but them na buisness why….. because they ain't americans. when the us government was sending ammo and guns to Jamaica to influence the election (its public record ) they dont know or care. they don't want Jamaica to adopt some of the cuba policy. free healthcare free university and food for everyone

  4. "fashion ah fashion" "reaction unwarranted " Kanye making this crap. vershon wearing this crap. ninja defending this crap. No wonder why nobody nuh tek black ppl seriously. hides face I just can't anymore. ?????

  5. On the matter of popcaan and chichingching let me tell you this popcaan signed Ching when no body else never saw the need to. And gave him a strength so that him could tour with Sean Paul and be able to be relevant Ching nah choke and every body a caugh

  6. i think the set a get crwded ya now..the yute and the girl is good but how the extra girl drop een ? anyhow.. vershon either not educated or he thought jamaicans werent.

  7. stop it. it affects all black people. go to America and wear it. so why promote it. whether it's America history. what does it represent?

  8. the Ku Klux Klan don't care if you are a black American or Jamaican once they see you they are going to kill you an all blacks are of African descent that's why I I'm so passionate about how about this quote Marcus Garvey emancipate yourself from mental slavery none our our self can free our mine knowledge is power know your history yes people have fought against rap music NWA versus the US government dog pound versus the US government these are facts and the list goes on

  9. did you know that the universal negro Improvement Association was founded in Harlem New York by Marcus Garvey and that he was shot in his hip buy a buy a KKK member

  10. come on ninja yuh cyaan follow kanye west?? him gaaarn long time….. dont get it twisted….dont play a sheep role…black people

  11. drop the foolishness about the flag. you guys make us all look like a bunch of idiots, and it look like we can't think. the flag have nothing to do with anything as it is not a living being, it can't walk, it can't talk nor is it loyal to anyone or anything. it's people who are creating problems and the flag don't represent people. and it's the same for the Jamaican flag, it doesn't represent us as it can't even represent itself. we have tried the stupid way of doing things before and it didn't work it's time to change our actions and view towards life "if you keep doing what you are doing you will get more of the same results"

  12. you know what I don't like about us as Jamaicans is when we're going to say it's a America thing but yet still Jamaicans one adapt everything America does how can you guys sit there and say that it doesn't have anything to do with you guys because it's an American thing you guys really need to go research that flag I think Nora was the only person who tries to even put this whole thing in a proper way

  13. when it comes to ninja man I expected better if you are defending version defend him and things that you know about not things you don't know about ninja man research that flag history it's not that hard to do you on your smartphone everyday just Google it. It up

  14. Yow to the uneducated people yow the reble flag did more for America black and white more than this new flag. They had to come together as one to fight England. Way back it's just some uneducated white people use it for the wrong reasons. Get educated people

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