Odio Showcase London ♦ Pane Mua, Jarvis, Guillotine, Redax & more!


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Misfit Massacre
Pane Mua

Set times: https://bit.ly/2mQLhZX



  1. Innovating soundz, no doubt. Propz' for still keepin' it tough. Smart move by not throwing in Riddim tracks, would've thrown off the momentum from the dubstep flow. Obviously not similar cuz' Dubstep is an uncontrollable party beast & Riddim is an addict of Low-Sub Bass-Waves & constantly too stoned to party hard!

  2. rewatched the stream and saw a lot of people asking for track id's so here's the tracklist for my set:)

    Misfit Massacre – ID
    Code: Pandorum – Punish
    Misfit Massacre – Disobedience
    Desembra – Imperium
    Code: Pandorum – The Neon Demon
    Code: Pandorum – Haunt (Paul van Graf/white Remix)
    Dala – Crusher
    Misfit Massacre & White Eyes – ID
    Downlink – Moshpit (Murda & Code: Pandorum Remix/Edit)
    Nimda & Pfista – Benzopila
    Zikiel – ID
    Nimda & Mits – Foray (Vip)
    Karetus – Madhouse (Paradigm Remix)
    Sudden Death – Take Ya Head Off
    Zikiel – Shockwave
    Pendulum – Hold Your Colours (Noisia Remix) (ID Edit)
    Zikiel – ID
    Sora & Misfit Massacre – ID
    Misfit Massacre – ID
    Paul Van Graf – ID
    Executioner – Vert
    Teminite & Evilwave – Rattlesnake
    Forreign – Irresolute
    Trampa – Runners
    Trampa & Trollphace – Headbang Gang
    Lil Jon & Skellism – In The Pit (Code: Pandorum Edit)
    ID – ID (Misfit Massacre Remix)
    Misfit Massacre – ID
    Misfit Massacre – Pandoras Box
    Misfit Massacre & White Eyes – ID
    Ivory – No Regrets
    Moonboy – Blasta
    Code: Pandorum – Ink (Paul van Graf Remix)
    Mastadon – Decimate
    Ivory & Martz & Skenz – Dragovich
    Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)
    Barely Alive – Hackers
    Chime – Wait For Me (Teminite Remix)
    Dirtysnatcha & Monxx – Damn Gurl
    Big Shaq – Man Don't Dance (Misfit Massacre Remix)
    Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (Barely Alive Remix)
    Misfit Massacre – ID
    Ray Volpe & Tucker Kreway – Better
    501 – The Final Cut (sorry for the double with 'better' in the end, that wasn't planned lol, miscommunication when redax took over the cdjs)

    thank you all for the lovely comments <3

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