Popcaan Appearance On FOX 5 News American Visa



  1. My youth big up, but fox5 is not a run een thing. We just need to give thanks for fox 5. The same way they saw Alkaline and Masicka they will see the same greatness in others in due time. Much thanks to Fox five Jamaica appreciate it much love no pressure

  2. Use to like when poppy did 1st buss and a gwaan….but him need to stop gimmicks out himself pon IG….as for his visa he has a CASE which is pending in st.thomas. which prevents him from getting his visa due to certain requirements which needs to be met b4 he can obtain.it.and his affiliation to kartel which even Tommy Lee said in instage interview.

  3. Yo .. stop put up wish list in all ur vlog bredda .. talk some reality things and not wht u keep wishin for .. when him get it .. him get it .. when kartel free .. him get free .. everyday u come with some wish shit … gimmie some facts n not wht can happen or gonna happen ..

  4. Fuck American Visa Who's These Fucking clones and microchipped puppets with no life that's even worse than a low life. We don't need them popcaan living quite comfortable without it so fuck em if he applys and they didnt grant him it as a big superstar. It just goes to show that these people probably are the ones that beenie man catch the badmind thing from cause dem obviously born wid it

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